Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 3

I have found a nickname for Tully during her stay here.

Squeaky McGee.

Seriously, she's a squeaker. It's so cute.
(Don't ask about the "McGee" part, I don't know myself, it just came out that way..)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birdsitting - Days 1 & 2

So for a little over a week I will have a third Meyer's here.
I am birdsitting her for a friend.

Tully has been here since yesterday. Her owner dropped her off around 12h30. It took no time for Tully to adjust to her new surroundings. Soon, she was out with the rest of my flock (and yes all birds are healthy and they have been hanging out in close proximity before, at Parrot meetings Tully's owner and I both go to). Tully, being an only bird, had to learn some parrot-socialization skills. She was a bit of a bully at first, but quickly learned to share bigger play gyms/areas. I also got to hear the cutest wolf whistle to have ever come out of a parrot (surprisingly none of mine do it...). She ate and drank like she was at her own place. She has no issue with the "up" command, a little more difficulties with the "down" (specially when it involves going back in her cage). Overall, the first day was a good day.

Day 2

She got out of her cage the moment I opened it. She went back and forth between my boyfriend and I, showing a slight preference for him, which can be somewhat of an issue at times since Petey spends a lot of time on my boyfriend and she doesn't really tolerate other birds on him at the same time (she's come to tolerate Joey if he's far enough from her), so extra precautions are taken when Tully might want to jump on the boyfriend if he has Petey.
Also, on day one, Zuri was a little afraid of Tully (I never thought Zuri would be afraid of another bird), but, in what is probably an effort to regain her reputation, Zuri changed her attitude today. I had to intervene on a number of occasions where I think she would of wanted to show Tully who is boss...maybe it's a jealousy thing, I'm not sure. However, I do make sure that I give my regulars their daily dose of one on one before doing the same with Tully. Just to remind them I haven't forgotten the flock order. Tully has also shared a smaller stand with Shade with no trouble (Shade is cool with just about any bird). This happened during Nutriberry eating time, and Tully actually stole Shade's half of a Nutriberry when she wasn't watching (Shade takes pieces off, deposits the bigger piece, and proceeds to eat the smaller one, starting over again when she's done).
So really, Food = Peace, at least when sharing a small tabletop perch.

It will be interesting to see tomorrow's dynamic, as it's back to work for me and less out of cage time for them.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reflection gazing

I sometimes wonder what goes through my birds' heads.
This occasion was such an occasion.

I really wonder what he was thinking of the reflection...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Couple more pictures

From last week-end or two week-ends ago, I can't remember..