Saturday, June 30, 2012

He can't help being cute!

Pixel's beautiful rump feathers

I was taking advantage of some natural light today to take a few pictures. Pixel started preening and, for once, wasn't hiding her back so I caught a glimpse of her lovely and colourful rump feathers.


Too bad her picture day wasn't today - she was much more cooperative!
She was just in the middle of giving her feathers a good shake before doing some stretching and preening - might have some more pictures of that to come later.

I do really like the lighting and colours on this picture!

Getting jiggy with it!

I had taken this picture a while ago. I quite liked it but felt uninspired when it came time to find a title for it. So I asked people on Avian Avenue what they would call it and finally posted the picture here with my favorite "entry".

182:365 - Well this does look like a happy look!

Makes me happy that he looks fairly happy.
Mind you, over these last few weeks he's decided that he does NOT want to cooperate with the Boy anymore and I am the only one with him he'll come out of his temporary cage. He seems quite pleased with this though, often getting to perch on my shoulder when I'm sitting.

181:365 - Not in a picture mood

Shade was making it obviously clear that she would have rather I scratched her head than take a picture - during most of the photoshoot she rubbed her head over the perch and other pieces of pine, often glaring in my direction.

Friday, June 29, 2012

180:365 - The Boy's take on Petey

I wasn't around last evening to take the daily picture so the Boy stepped in - and without me asking (yes, I'm impressed)!

Coincidentally, it happened to be on Petey's night, which I guess probably made Petey happier as he's generally better behaved for photo shoots with the Boy (although he's been getting better lately).

You sneeze, I sneeze!

I just let out a rather loud sneeze..and Léa, who was playing close by, decided to let out a loud "ATCHOO!" as well!

Lately, she's also been liking repeating her name in the afternoon while she plays. "Allo!" is another favorite. She also says a few more words of her ever growing repertoire in a low voice - must be practice time!

This morning she said "what are you doing?" while looking up at me. I think this was just before we took her out - I guess we weren't fast enough...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

179:365 - Happy Joey

He looks so peaceful here. It's an illusion.

178:365 - The "slippery" one

 He didn't want his picture taken yesterday - it was rather difficult to have him stand still long enough to get a picture that was in focus!

My T4W "Garage Sale" Toys have arrived!

Recently Danita from Things for Wings had what she called a Garage Sale on Avian Avenue. Two days of discounted toys and toy parts - things were added continually and once an item was sold out, that was it.

I didn't intend to really participate and actually was pretty good about not going on the website at first to check things out (and thus avoid temptation).

Obviously I failed at one point - but what I saw I couldn't resist. She had a set of three pine toys, toys I had considered purchasing for a while, at a very low price. So I ordered them.

Pine toy #1

Pine toy #2

Pine toy #3

Along with these pine toys, I grabbed a few small bags of red willow coins - them being harder wood, I figured they would be good for Léa and possibly the other Pois would try their beak at them.

I thought that this would be it, but no..later on, Danita put up some "snuggly" toys and one of them I really liked, so I added it to my order.

All an all, I'm quite happy I decided to partake in the sale in the end. I'm very pleased with what I got!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

177:365 - All ready to go..

Where to go next?
She was hard to take a picture of yesterday! Always on the move...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

176:365 - The one who LOVES raspberries!

If you look closely enough, you can see some pink/red spots on her beak and on her toes. She's been pink there for two days now, after thoroughly enjoying her raspberry each morning.

Léa exploring the birdroom

Léa decided to explore the hanging stuff in the birdroom recently.

On her way to the Get-a-grip net


What's down here?

(apparently it's something very interesting..)

Struggling on a different net - not quite ideal for her weight (but perfect for the others!)

Happy Petey

Petey is always extra happy when the Boy is around.
Earlier this week when I was taking his picture for the 365 project, the moment he heard the Boy his face lifted up.

Is that the Boy I hear??

It is! Hi! Pick me up?

175:365 - Uhn?

The noise he made at this exact moment.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Swing and a preen

Obviously, freezing this moment in a picture, you don't get the sense of swinging.
However, seconds before I took this, she had jumped onto the rope with such vigour that it swung for a while and she sat there preening like nothing was going on.

174:365 - Exploring

She got to roam around the newly decorated birdroom and kept coming back to the net!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

173:365 - 'fro bird

He waiting for the Boy to appear and the moment he did, he got all excited, puffed up, waved and said "Hi!".

I got none of that.

I do like the puffed up "afro" head look on him.

Some Pixel alternate pictures from yesterday

A few extra pictures I also quite liked that were strong contenders for yesterday's "picture of the day".

When you have a little itch you have to scratch it.
One way...

..or another!

And it wouldn't be a Pixel photo shoot without a yawn picture!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

172:365 - How could I not?

I just love this picture - the head tilt and the rebel feathers totally make her look adorable!

The *new* birdroom - Phase 2

I didn't think I would be posting this so soon after yesterday's post.

But what can I say, I couldn't resist adding things last evening (the fact that a lot of it was in two accessible boxes didn't help).

Now there are more items hanging above the side of the room where Piper's, Léa's, Shade's and Zuri's cages are, as well as a few more items on the other side. The biggest thing added is of course the Get-a-grip net that links both sides of the room together.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

171:365 - Ready...set...

It was hard taking his picture tonight because all he wanted was to come on me.
So why not make it the focus of today's picture? He was just about to take off to fly to my shoulder on the picture above.

He's grinding his beak!

What an unusual title some might say, as birds do regularly grind their beak.

Why get so excited?

Well, back in 2008, Piper had a little face-to-face altercation with Petey, a thing that lasted mere seconds, but which had the end result of Piper suffering a small beak injury. He was lucky - a few millimeters to the side and the whole thing might have been more severe! He ended up having a dent on the low portion of his lower mandible. It never really came out and slowly, as his beak was growing, the dent made it's way up. Right now, 4 years later, and it's all the way up and causing a few issues. Because of how it comes in, it's throwing Piper's beak a little out of whack, which means that every month I need to bring him to the vet so that she can trim his lower mandible, on the opposite side of the injury, down. As well, the vet says there is some adjustments to make on the inside portion of the top mandible since Piper doesn't do a good enough job at the moment. This is generally something birds take care of when they grind their beak and, if I'm honest, I don't really recall Piper grinding his beak since February, which is when I noticed the beak starting to grow long on the one side. So I take this return to old habits as a good sign and I do hope he keeps up with it!

The bird who cried wolf

So I decided to try and hang one of the Get-a-grip nets I have in the birdroom.
It was the medium short I had hanging in the birdroom in the apartment - I figured it would do well hung hammock style (instead of straight down like I used to have it) across the room.

It worked (but just barely).

In any case, some of the birds were vocal while we tried hanging it up. They were caged at the time (easier to work that way) and Piper was particularly voicing his discontent in a very loud and ongoing manner. He was NOT a happy guy then and there.

But the funny thing is who do you think was the first bird to go on the net and to seemingly enjoy it being up?

Yeah...I think he's lost all credibility.

The *new* birdroom - Phase 1

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I started hanging things from the ceiling in the new birdroom. It's not finished at this point, but until I make up my mind about what exactly I want to do, it's at least providing places for the birds to hang out when they are in there, other than on the top of their cage or on the 1 standing play gym.

The side above Pixel's, Joey's and Petey's cages looks a bit more filled I'll admit, but it's temporary. In fact, I did try to put the Rosie bridge swing closer to the atom and window, going across the room, but the hooks were slightly too distant. Just hung above cages didn't work as it came too low above the cage - where it is now, it's off the series of cages. Funny thing, I didn't think I would miss the 9' ceilings of the apartment (we have 8' now on the second floor of the house) but I now have to admit they were rather practical when it came to hanging things that come down low.

I'll probably be adding some of that plastic chain along the side of the rooms, so that I can hang a few toys. But I'd like to keep the space in the middle as clear as possible, so I'm not sure I'll want to add more there than there already is, although I am pondering adding one of my larger nets hammock style.

Pictures -

Pixel's, Joey's and Petey's cage.

Piper's, Léa's, Shade's and Zuri's cages

Monday, June 18, 2012

170:365 - Coy

I love her puffy cheeks!

Oh and that is indeed the blue atom - it's up!
And not just anywhere..that is indeed the green room!

My dad came over last Saturday to help install hooks so I have a few things up. I'm sure I'll want to add stuff, but I figured a few things would be a start to make the room a more interesting place for the birds. I took some pictures and will post them later.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

169:365 - Can this thing come off now?

We are seeing more and more new skin on his toe (very pale pink) so it's a sign the scab is getting off bit by bit. I'm hoping what is left will fall off in larger chunks.

His weight has stabilized nicely these past few weeks. I think the lowest he was with this rendition of the collar was 120ish grams. He's now up to about 135g consistently. Assuming the entire collar contraption is around 10g, that would put his "real" weight at about 125g which is pretty acceptable, since when he initially had the incident, he dropped down to 100g or so (which did concern me). Actually, 125g is pretty close to his average weight pre-incident.

She snaps through them like butter..

Yesterday on Facebook I did a rare status update. And like all recent updates, it had to do with the birds.

It went like this - "Léa is snapping through Java wood like it's butter..."

I finally gave her the opportunity to start playing with the toy her breeder sent her for her hatchday in May. It's made of willow balls and slices of Java wood. I figured she would go crazy for the wood part and the other birds would take care of the willow balls. So for this to happen, I hung the toy next to the atom in the orange room.

Turns out, I was quite right about Léa and the Java wood slices - she destroyed a large number of them yesterday, snapping them in half with no sign of extraneous effort. That beak is one powerful thing! I think the only ones that can snap Java wood like that at my mom's house are the Cockatoos and even there, it's just the one Cockatoo who really does anything with them. The Greys seem to find it too hard.

Anyways, back to Léa and her toy. Obviously I took pictures and of course I'll share them!

Tackling a piece that looks a bit too big but she managed to chip it in places!

Trying out the strands of extra rope

This one makes me laugh - the tongue!

More rope testing - trying to separate the strands!

My favorite picture - it just looks like an awkward position!

Got it just right!