Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Taken earlier this month, when he was ok with posing a little, instead of automatically flying back to me. I really like this picture.

Joey and the rebel feather

He had just been preening, and I believe the feather was lose and just about to fall. Still, he looked funny with the one feather out of place.

203:365 - Looking sweet

She truly is a sweet and gentle bird.

202:365 - Léa

I like this picture. Not sure what was going on, I think she was in a preening session and was moving from one thing to another.

201:365 - Petey

Being on vacation, I didn't feel the need to take many pictures at once for the week, and thought the day-by-day approach would work. This was taken on the day I had a pretty terrible migraine, and where I regretted not having taken all of the week's picture in one day. Petey also wasn't in a picture taking mood, so, once again, I only took a handful of pictures.

His belly looks a little rough, but he's been spending quite a bit of his time lately, either playing in the bottom of his cage or going on the ground in the orange room and try to dig his way under the Boy's leg (who sits on the ground when we are in there), so his belly rubs the carpet. We've tried to get him to do other things, but that is what he wants to do. Nesty Petey.

200:365 - Piper

Day 200! I'm a little sad I didn't get this picture up on Saturday, but it was taken late that day and I don't think I was in the mood of dealing with pictures much after it was taken. In fact, I hardly took any pictures, I think it was a case of both the subject and photographer wanting it done quickly (Piper kept flying to me).

A few days of silence...

...means a few posts to come, especially targeted for the 365 project.

The ironic thing is, I thought I would have more time to post while on vacation and be able to keep up to date. While I wasn't exactly lacking time, a number of factors have come into play and resulted in me not posting much. The birds are perfectly fine, but between a terrible migraine one day (and it seems the birds, and mostly the Meyer's, thought that would be a perfect day to be particularly screechy), being out of town on another and just an overall feeling of not wanting to be at the desktop all that much, I've fallen behind. So prepare for a few posts, one after the other, at least enough to bring up up to today's 365 picture.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Nemo factor

Nemo is back! He'll be visiting with us for a week.

He arrived yesterday, and was the element that the Boy referred to as contributing to the other birds, especially Shade's atypical behaviour.

Therefore, the flock is temporarily set at eight birds, but he's one of the less demanding ones, being very content about sitting on my shoulder as long as he can. He has issues with other birds, therefore he gets his own time out of cage.

Below are a few pictures from yesterday.

Friday, July 18, 2014

199:365 - Wings up!

The Boy's pick for today's 365 picture.

Lovely Shade

I love this picture.