Thursday, April 24, 2014

114:365 - Up!

Again, it appears Blogger is making the picture appear more blue than it is and this is starting to annoy me a little.

As well, that bit of vet wrap is now off the branch. It was old and I had to take it off, little by little and it finally came entirely off.

I was also almost left with the only option of posting another picture of Zuri's rump - because for most of the photo shoot today, all he did was preen...and preen some more.

Avian Organics Anniversary Sale Order

This is an overdue post, since I received my box over a week ago!

Recently Avian Organics had a week long celebration to commemorate their 8th Anniversary, which meant sales and draws for prizes! My "reserve" of mash was dwindling quickly so I took the opportunity to order a few more bags.

I got the Pineapple Pudding, Mayan Gourmet Mash and Hemp Berry Pudding (all pictured above). Those are favourites with my flock.

I also stocked up on some treats, namely the Veggie Berry Bars and the all time favourite Mango Ginger Minis.

Every order placed during the Anniversary week meant you got your name placed in a daily draw, and your name would remain in the pot until everything was all done. While I generally am not very lucky, I ended up winning the day after I ordered so that was pretty exciting! Gifts varied and I won a large all natural basket with a bag filled with natural parts (I presume donated by Things for Wings).

Many thanks to Doris (and Danita)!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

113:365 - Piper

I just realized that his forehead is surprisingly clean! He might not have been hiding under papers as much lately.

The new accessory in bird fashion...

...the "beak feather".

Edit: It appears that blogger didn't like my processing of these pictures and has decided that Léa's head should have deeper tones of blue, as well as the contrast being bumped up. I tried replacing the files but got the same result.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 2014 - "Cooking for the birds"

It's been a long time since I posted one of these entries! Not to say we weren't feeding the birds fresh foods, but it was more along the lines of preparing dinner every night or making a larger batch of Avian  Organics mash and adding a few vegetables.

However, with Spring coming back and the prospect of the Farmer's Market also returning and being able to select fresh in season produce combined with the four day week-end I just had, well I made a batch of "greens".

I have no picture of the "before" state of the veggies that went in - got too lazy to get everything out at once and set-up for the picture, as well as not knowing what exactly was going to go in.

The finished mix of chopped vegetables, grains and legumes

It definitively was not my most thought out bunch of food, but it'll do.

-Black kale
-Green beans
-Red and orange bell peppers
-Chick peas
-Adzuki beans
-Mung beans
-Black lentils

This aslo marks the return of chick peas in the evening mash, which I'm sure will delight Léa. I haven't yet bagged what I got, so I'm not sure how many weeks worth I got, but I'm sure that there is more than enough to last until the Farmer's Market starts operating again in May!


112:365 - Bright blue

He has such a bright blue rump!

Monday, April 21, 2014

111:365 - Up!

It took some work to get her to stretch (essentially the Boy and myself looking ridiculous), but eventually she got it!

110:365 - Cuddly little one

Yesterday's picture, never got around to posting it then!

Piper is all about getting his head scratched lately!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

109:365 - She worried the Boy...

"She's making a spearhead!"

Those were the words he told me when I entered the room and Pixel was chomping away at a wooden toy. I guess it is looking a little pointy.

Day 107 alternates

As promised! They all look rather similar, but yet I really couldn't pick one over the other!