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A Christmas present

I have, in the past, mentioned having a portrait done of each of the birds by a local artist. The last one I had received was in December 2011, although I didn't remember it being that long ago!

Well, one of my Christmas presents from the Boy this year was a new portrait. Let's say when it appeared under the tree, it wasn't hard to guess what it was (even though it was wrapped) and since the last portrait was of Petey, I knew this one was going to be Zuri (as the portraits are being done in the order the birds joined the flock).

Here is a picture of it - which doesn't do it justice.

It's gorgeous! The Boy had provided the artist with a link to pictures I've taken of Zuri and this is the one he picked to base the painting on:

Here are links to previous posts for the other paintings I have:





Joey in a bowl

This is the new norm with him. This bowl generally holds a smaller one which holds fresh food (so we can take out the smaller bowls after breakfast and wash them in time for dinner, while the larger bowl remains in the cage until after dinner.

He generally does this when the smaller bowl is out of the larger one.

The eye

An alternate to one of the 365 shots I posted earlier. I quite liked Shade's pinned eye, although it is not the sharpest picture.

362:365 - Piper! I'm all up-to-date! And hoping to keep it this way until the end, which really shouldn't be too hard given there are only three days left!

361:365 - Léa

For Saturday, December 27th.

360:365 - Petey

For Friday, December 26th.

359:365 - Pixel

For Thursday, December 25th.

358:365 - Zuri

For Wednesday, December 24th.

357:365 - There is another bird out there!

Puzzled by his own reflection.

For Tuesday, December 23rd.

356:365 - Contemplative

Something is going through her head, but what exactly is a mystery.

For Monday, December 22nd.

355:365 - What am I doing here?

For Sunday, December 21st.

354:365 - Looking adorable

For Saturday, December 20th.

353:365 - Smiling

For Friday, December 19th.

352:365 - What is out there?

For Thursday, December 18th.

351:365 - Coy

For Wednesday, December 17th.

350:365 - Head tilt

For Tuesday, December 16th.

349:365 - Fixated

For Monday, December 15th.

348:365 - Pixel

For Sunday, December 14th.

347:365 - Possible wave?

His foot is coming up!

For Saturday, December 13th.

346:365 - Hi!

For Friday, December 12th.

345:365 - Batbird

For Thursday, December 11th.

344:365 - Must vanquish the bell!

For Wednesday, December 10th.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Exchange that just happened:

"Hey Léa, you are a bird, use your birding abilities."

~The Boy, referring to the fact that Léa could fly off his hand to another perching spot she was eying, but instead, she decided to "flip and bite" (which is also a bird ability...)

343:365 - Rocket bird

He kept this position for quite some time.

For Tuesday, December 9th.

342:365 - Ruffles

Taken mid-shake.

For Monday, December 8th.

341:365 - Not impressed

I don't think she was particularly upset, but the look on her face does say otherwise.

For Sunday, December 7th.

340:365 - I won't stay put...

..and a I had barely taken this picture, that she was already on the move.

For Saturday, December 6th.

339:365 - Hamming it up

For Friday, December 5th.

338:365 - Puffball

Looking adorable!

For Thursday, December 4th.

337:365 - Not interested in pictures...

Looks like something much more interesting is happening on the other side.

For Wednesday, December 3rd.

336:365 - Up

For Tuesday, December 2nd.

335:365 - Joey

For Monday, December 1st.

334:365 - Hunched

For Sunday, November 30th.

333:365 - Crouching Pixel

For Saturday, November 29th.

332:365 - On the move

For Friday, November 28th.

331:365 - Piper

For Thursday, November 27th.

330:365 - Petey

For Wednesday, November 26th.

Friday, December 26, 2014

329:365 - Hi!

For Tuesday, November 25th.

328:365 - On the move

For Monday, November 24th.

327:365 - Ruffles

For Sunday, November 23rd.

326:365 - Petey

For Saturday, November 22nd

325:365 - Ruffles

For Friday, November 21st.

324:365 - Mr. Cute

For Thursday, November 20th.

323:365 - Zuri

For Wednesday, November 19th.

322:365 - Happy Petey

For Tuesday, November 18th.

321:365 - To pull tongue out or not...

Pixel, looking a little undecided about what to do with her tongue.

For Monday, November 17th.

320:365 - Playtime interrupted

For Sunday, November 16th.