Tuesday, September 30, 2014

273:365 - Orange/green

It's all about matching parrots and toys, right?

I find it amusing that he went after two blocks that matched his belly and tail underside.

Monday, September 29, 2014

272:365 - Looking chatty

And with this, I'm all caught up. Hopefully, I'll be better with daily postings, although I won't make any promises!

271:365 - I'll give you two seconds...

...but only two seconds!

Shade was not in a mood to have her picture taken and kept running to the back of the atom, in a darker area. So I kept rotating the atom to bring her into the light. She wasn't pleased and kept moving. I then told her to hold still for two seconds so I could get a shot fairly in focus and then it would all be over. And she actually then stood still, for all of two seconds...before running to the back again. The Boy pointed out that she had given me my requested two seconds so here you have it. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it'll have to do!

This is also blog post 500 for this year!

For Sunday, September 28th.

270:365 - Handsome Zuri

For Saturday, September 27th.

269:365 - So itchy!

For Friday, September 26th.

268:365 - Still as a statue...

For Thursday, September 25th.

267:365 - Face on

For Wednesday, September 24th.

266:365 - Petey

Looking quite happy.

For Tuesday, September 23rd.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall outing

Today we did something I didn't think we would get the opportunity to do once again this year - we went outside! It had been getting progressively colder, but this week-end felt like Summer came back.

I won't have a picture of everyone, as the sun was shining brightly and I had a hard time focusing (or even seeing what I was doing).

Here are the ones I did get -

265:365 - Piper

For Monday, September 22nd.

264:365 - All mine!

He's got a pretty good hold on the toy!

For Sunday, September 21st.

All in a day's work

This was taken last week, but I didn't get around to sharing it then.

Zuri's "artwork" for the day - squashed raspberry (mostly eaten), some other destroyed element (either food (almond) or wood - can't say because it's dust), displaced banana (it always ends on the rock perch, sometimes eaten, sometimes not), leftover hull of a sunflower seed (my birds get a small portion of seeds).

263:365 - Mega-yawn

I asked the Boy to pick a picture of Shade. He said "go with Mega-yawn". So I did.

For Saturday, September 20th.

262:365 - Léa

Blogger has played with the contrast a little, although this time I don't mind it as much as I did on other occasions.

For Friday, September 19th.


We disturbed him while he was scurrying on the bottom of his cage, between layers of paper. This is also part of the reason why the feathers on his stomach don't look as great as they once did; he insists on being on the "ground" of whatever his in (be it is cage or a room) and he spends a large porting of that time with his stomach rubbing against the "ground".

261:365 - Zuri

For Thursday, September 18th.

260:365 - Pixel

For Wednesday, September 17th.

Joey`s Dalek outtakes

Nearly a month later, here are a few more outtakes from that 365 Dalek week! This time, they feature Joey, one of the few birds who wasn't too concerned about the Dalek when face to face with it.

Ultimately, I chose to go with a Picture of Joey and the Dalek on his side for the 365; however, the picture above where he's actually chewing it was nearly selected, and this also applies to the picture below, where he was in the midst of toppling over the Dalek.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Hatchday Pixel!

And here we are - Pixel's 10th hatchday!

She's my second bird to be in the "double digits", although the first to get there while in my care (Petey was already 12 or 13 when we got him). She's the first of a few that will get there in the next few months.

For once, I don't have many pictures lined up for a hatchday post and will probably have to rectify this over the week-end!

Happy Hatchday Pixel!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Forbidden" toys are more fun

The other day, she managed to snatch an unused quick link from my hand. She was ever so proud of  herself and was not keen on getting her prized possession away, even when the Boy tried to take it back from her (while I was being bad and snatching pictures, because she looked so pleased with herlsef).

This quick link is made of stainless steel - in fact, all quick links I use now are stainless steel. Not worth taking a risk, especially since Léa likes to undo them from time to time (and this means checking her toys frequently for opened quick links).


I love that her head is still fairly in focus and sharp, whereas you see the rest of her mid-shake!

Bringing up choice!

There are a few different items to destroy to chose from on that strand!

Feels like I'm interrupting something...

Zuri stopped preening and Shade is not looking particularly pleased...

259:365 - Scratch me, please.

A recurrent one I think - but it is increasingly harder to get a picture of Piper before he has a chance to fly to my shoulder. This is a compromise I guess - in front of the camera, but still on me.

For Tuesday, September 16th.

258:365 - What?

For Monday, September 15th.

257:365 - Rocking out!

Yes, he is preening, but it does look like he's rocking out as well!

For Sunday, September 14th.

256:365 - I'm not getting off!

If Léa manages to get on top of her cage, it is always a struggle to get her off. Generally, she goes there either when it is time to go in and she's not ready or when we attempt to clean her cage and she shouldn't be coming out yet (but wants to). Her cage is tall and we aren't so much...add that she'll clamp down to the side of her plexiglass (which is smooth) and you really have a bird who won't budge. There isn't much to do up there, as it is a flat surface with no toys. But given that we don't want her there, it becomes very tempting to her!

For Saturday, September 13th.

255:365 - Shade

For Friday, September 12th.

"What you doing?"

That is the greeting that awaited us from Léa this morning, as we were proceeding to uncover the cages. It was quite clear, and I think the first time the Boy and I heard this sentence out of her (and, according to the Boy, he hasn't even heard an attempt at it).

It is always interesting to hear what they pick up, and, especially, when they chose to use those words. In this case, we had made enough noise and she knew we were in the room, but I guess she wanted to know why!

254:365 - Pining for destruction

She was working very hard at reducing that pine square to nothing!

For Thursday, September 11th.

253:365 - Joey

Looking silly!

For Wednesday, September 10th.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

251:365 - Pixel

She was moving a lot during this particular photoshoot, so I only got a few pictures and hardly any were sharp - and I really didn't want to force her to sit through it any longer, nor did I want to do so myself. She was much more keen on wanting to play, but this involved going in a darker area of the room which didn't really allow for nice pictures - so I let her do what she wanted.

250:365 - Dignified Petey

This isn't the sharpest picture (although it's not that apparent on the blog) - but it was my favourite of Petey's from that day. The look on his face and the raised foot made it so.

For Sunday, September 7th.

249:365 - What's down there?

An alternate title could also be Attempting to get into "hard to take pictures of me" locations.

For Saturday, September 6th.

248:365 - Zuri

For Friday, September 5th.

Blog neglect

Over a week since my last post!

I'll start by saying that everyone is ok and no, the prolonged absence wasn't due to vacation either. Last week was a terribly busy one at work, so the last thing I felt like doing was sitting in front of the computer once I got home. Hopefully next week will be a little less hectic, because I don't particularly like falling behind with posting.

I used to post the daily 365 picture in the morning, however, as I didn't process any and didn't exactly feel like doing it in the morning (one picture at a time), that didn't get done. As well, Léa is far better behaved in the morning if I devote all my attention to her, so our mornings last week consisted of me scratching her head while watching random videos on YouTube. Ideally, I'd process the week's worth of pictures over the week-end, as long as I take all the required pictures over the week-end (and since I did nothing of the sorts yesterday, it makes for a tall order today, especially since I plan on making spaghetti sauce and soup and that birds and the kitchen don't mix well).

So here we have it, a justification post I would rather not have to write and leaving me simply to hope that next week will be different.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

247:365 - Hi!

A happy looking Joey!

Last Thursday's 365 picture.

246:365 - Thinking...

...of the best way to get on me. And he figured it out (repetitively) so I gave up trying to get a nice picture, hence why I'm posting one with one of his legs not entirely in frame. It's the best I got from that night and he was quite adamant of remaining on me.

This is last Wednesday's 365 picture.

245:365 - Léa and the basket of goodies

You can't really see in the basket, but it is filled with fun stuff to destroy (wood coins, wood blocks, other random bits of natural things).

She was happily playing and I wanted a picture of her with her head in the basket, picking stuff out but she had other ideas when she realized the camera was out...

Oh and this is the picture for last Tuesday. Guess I am late at posting again.

One day sale over at Things for Wings

Things for Wings is having a one day sale today, 15% off. There might be a few exceptions (toy parts I think), but it is the perfect time to stock up on some T4W original toys! I did my shopping earlier, and got a few T4W toys, as well as some TOPs pellets and a few cotton perches (always good to have a few on hand).

As I said, the sale is only on today, so hurry on over! And, if you haven't already, you can "like" their Facebook page to get more insider news.

Monday, September 1, 2014

244:365 - Shake!

In the midst of a full body shake down.

243:365 - Sleek Pixel

Sunday's picture.