Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What is Joey doing?

Not quite sure, other than trying to fit into a tight space!

Monday, December 30, 2013

A toy order: Avian Stainless

I think it's been a while since I posted about toys for the birds, and mostly purchased toys. After this year's Sidewalk Sale, I thought I could take a little breather from purchasing toys, as my "reserve" bins were quite full. However, a little while ago Avian Stainless was having a sale, a specific toy was on sale and if you purchased for a certain amount ($60 I think?) shipping was free. This latter part was the most tempting aspect of the sale (as stainless steel toys can add up in weight) so I put in a small order, which showed up just before Christmas.

What I ordered:

The toy that was on sale - "Pandemonium" (in the "Feelin' Feisty" section).

I ordered the smaller version (4 cups instead of 5) and since this one has plastic pieces and isn't welded shut, it will go to one of the smaller birds who can't destroy hard plastics nor undo hoops that are shut pretty tightly.

The second toy is the "Major Mayhem" (in the Major 'Tude" section).

This one does have welded shut parts and is fairly large so will go to Léa.

Finally, the last toy - "Mini Mayhem" (in the "Bit' o Sass" section).

I believe this one will be Piper's and if he doesn't really show any interest in it, it'll go to one of the smaller Pois.

All in all, very happy with the order, of very lovely and shiny (and likely noisy) toys!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tongue action!

She wasn't yawning, I think she was grinding her beak and it just looked like her tongue kept getting in the way. It also looks like she tasted something quite disgusting and is showing her displeasure at it, "blergh!"

Just take the picture!

An overhead Pixel made him a little nervous, he would much rather be on the Boy's shoulder. So I took one picture and that was it.

What's down there?

Whatever it is, I got everything under control!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Going up!


Going back down...


Self scratcher

Pixel was feeling itchy...

Wait...are you watching me?

You could scratch my head for me!

You know you want to...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Picture ready

He posed so nicely this morning!

Now, he's cuddling, sitting on my shoulder.

Preening Léa

Must always look her best!

The 365 Parrots book - 2012 edition

It's here! Well, it's been here for quite a few days now, but I only got around to posting about it now.

Late in November, I tackled making a book with pictures from my family's vacation to Europe last September, so I could give it to them for Christmas. Making that book reminded me that I had intended to do the same with my pictures from my 365 parrots project; taking one picture a day of one of my parrots during the whole of 2012. Since I was on a roll (and got used to the software with the first book), I figured I might as well tackle this one.

Ironically, although it was completed and ordered a few days after I was the done with the book with pictures from our trip, due to some issues with Canada Post, I got this book on the same day as the other.

Both books looked great, and I was quite amazed that colours were generally quite true to what they looked like on my monitor.

I had initially wanted a cover with a picture with most of the birds, and that would be picture #365, but because of how it was created, and the size of the book I ordered, the file resolution wasn't good enough so I ended up chosing one of my favourite pictures of the project for the cover.

I actually tried the following picture as the cover first, but it worked much better as the back of the book.

Here are a few sample from some of the page layouts from within the book; I didn't really chose them, I just flipped pages at random and took pictures as is.

I am quite proud of the end result and I have to say, it's making me thinking about attempting the project again next year (with certain caveats) so that I can end up with a similar, yet different book.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A very wet (and possibly happy?) Petey

This is as wet as I've ever seen Petey - and it was all his doing. A bath in his water bowl.

He generally does not like getting wet; giving him a shower/misting, he'll "hunker" down and water will just roll off his feathers and he'll look miserable through the whole thing.

But the other day, he looked quite happy and proud of how wet he got himself!

The laughing parrot

It appears Shade is in a very good mood today. She's laughing a lot! She was also feeling snuggly and spent a large portion of her morning out of cage time on my shoulder.

She also used to speak a little, but hasn't done so in years and I believe I heard her say one of those long lost forgotten words "Viens-t-en" (come here in French) - and I think she was "speaking" to my cup of tea, which she undoubtedly wanted to try out but didn't get to.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I had meant to post about this a few days ago, but never got around to it. And since I just posted about how quiet the birds are in the morning, I might as well follow up with this as it has to do with noise.

It turns out, Léa has started to give any noise-making flock member a stern "Hey!" when she thinks they are too loud. The Boy was the first to report about it, but I did hear her do it twice through the birdroom door - quite funny!

Birds in the morning

I often hear and read about how some parrot owners can't sleep in on the week-end because their birds will make enough noise for them to get up.

I guess I'm part of the few exceptions, as my birds will rarely make any noise until they hear one of us make noise first - in which case, they'll then venture a few whistles so we know they are awake too.

I am not knocking this; in fact, I'm quite happy they are this way. I do cover their cages at night, although for some people I don't think this makes any difference. But I am happy that I get to decide if I let them out at 7am or 9am.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wood chipper

Joey chipping away at a Chipping 101 toy from Oliver's Garden!


This is a shared toy, and I think most of the birds like it! That and the Rainbow Trout, also from Oliver's Garden!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I know...

...that I'm cute.

Says Zuri!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

She's got a lot of energy this morning!

The Boy just brought Léa out of the birdroom into the orange room. She went a little crazy which prompted the Boy to say "She's got a lot of energy this morning!".

Léa's answer?

She shook her head in a vigorous "yes" motion right after.

Silly bird!

Playful Léa

These were taken last week-end (I did want to post pictures of the birds throughout the week but that didn't really happen). Léa was going from toy to toy and was keeping busy!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Petey on his back!

I'm able to hold Shade and Pixel on their backs in my hand with no issue. Piper was never a fan, I used to be able to do so with Léa as baby but she outgrew that phase and I'm not quite there trust wise with Joey and Zuri.

Petey, well I would never attempt to hold him in such a way, since this would guarantee me getting bit. For some reason, the Boy never really tried either. That is, until tonight. I'm not sure what got into him to want to try it tonight and never before, but he did, and Petey just laid there. He offered his finger for Petey to grip to flip back up once and Petey ignored it, looking rather regal on his back. The second time the Boy offered his finger though, he did take hold rather quickly.

I'm not surprise the Boy was able to do so, but I think he is and looked rather proud of himself!

Slowly learning names

Léa is slowly getting around to learning the names of everyone in the flock.

She's got her name down (I think it was the first one she picked up), that was followed by Piper and then eventually by Petey (with whom she has some "Hi Petey!" conversation, back and forth, not always to Petey's liking I think).

According to the Boy, who generally hears more of her talking (although she picks up what I say and generally talks with my intonation), she's slowly getting Petey's "Hi Petey"pitch down; Petey says it in a high voice, while she generally was using a low voice. It appears that today, she said it in a way that is very similar to Petey's (nearly confusing the Boy).

It also appears that she's picked up Joey's name (as well as Joeyjojo, something we often call Joey) and said it a few times tonight.

Wondering when she'll start saying Shade, Pixel and Zuri's name/nicknames. I guess I'll need to put an emphasis on those.

Morning cuddlebugs

The birds were mostly fairly well behaved this morning (save for the Meyer's, with Zuri going nuts with high pitch calls and Petey attempting an opportunistic divebomb in my direction when another bird took flight (and therefore distracted us for 2 seconds)).

However, as I said, most of them were nicely behaved with quite a few being cuddle bugs; Piper, as he is most days; Shade,who, over the last few weeks, would rather play than spend time on me, decided to spend most of her time out of cage on my shoulder, nestled against my neck; Joey & Pixel, who also thought it was a perfect preening morning but had to do so as close as they could to me; and finally Léa, who like the Red bellies thought it was a good morning to take care of those pin feathers.

In the case of Léa, when she thought she needed some help with the ones she couldn't reach, she actually came and leaned against my chest; kinda hard to resist scratching her head when she's like that! And she couldn't look any happier when I did oblige.

If they could be like this every morning (well minus the high pitch calls and dive bombing attempt), I wouldn't complain!

Joey and the seagrass ball

It being in an empty bowl holder, means it being more stable much easier to chew!