Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some pictures

Some pictures taken this week-end.

Shade fighting off an itch

Joey and a very obsessed look

Zuri sitting pretty

Piper undecided where to stand

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peachface Lovebirds can be nice!

Lately I've often read that Peachface (PF) lovebirds have a bad reputation.

Like any other parrot, if you don't manipulate/handle/socialize a lovebird enough, it might revert to a less human-friendly stage. Daily interaction is key for keeping an adorable lovable lovebird.

With that said, I've also read a lot in the last few months that eyering lovebirds (masked and fishers) are "better" pets than PF lovebirds. True? Not sure...I'm not saying that PF are better, but I don't believe they are any worse either.

Example #1, my little Piper.
She would be happiest spending her whole day on me. She loves giving kisses, she loves rubbing her beak all over your face, she loves head scratches and doesn't bite. I mean if that is not a perfect lovebird, I don't know what is.

Here is a little video of her lying on my hand, getting her head scratched and slowly falling asleep.

Example #2, Bijou, a PF lovebird which my mom has kept while her owners were away.
This bird did not meet me before this video was taken; it was happy to get some attention, even from a stranger and even started to "vibrate".

Here is a video of Bijou on her back in my hands (talk about trust), enjoying a head scratch (again, I did no know this bird for more than 10 minutes before this was taken).

Finally, #3 is Arthur, a PF lovebird who actually got less and less attention from his former owners. They actually decided it would be best to find Arthur a new loving home and trusted my mom to do so. When I went to visit, all he wanted to do was to be on people. Loved kisses and not once did he bite.

Here is a picture of little Arthur.

PF lovebirds can make great pets; they love to love you and love getting attention back.

The hanging play gyms

Here are a couple of pictures.

Above Joey and Petey's cages. This is where Shade and Zuri hang out most of the time (it's next to my big windows). Shade is there a lot more since the big evil purple Jolly Ball made it's appearance on the gym above her cage...she had no problem with the red Jolly ball (was intrigued with it from the beginning) so I have to assume she has a problem with the colour purple...

Here is the park above Shade and Piper's cages.
Petey spends a lot of her time, when not on my significant other, on that park.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bird boarding

I haven't posted in a while.

Not sure why that is, but it's now time for an update.

Last week-end (Labour day week-end), my SO and I went camping, which means the birds had to be looked after. I don't really trust that many people with taking care of them, as it seems to me slightly more complicated than looking after a cat or a dog (well that is if you want the bird to have some time out of the cage, which I do). Luckily, my mother is also a parrot fanatic and is willing to look after my flock of 5.

Piper got to see her two friends, Nicky and Sydney (my parents' lovebirds). Having heard how it went, it seems like the did some major catching up.
Petey was well behaved with the other birds..I guess being put out of your element will do that. She didn't eat much, but her weight did not seem to have shifted too much from the usual. She was happy to be back home, or rather to have my SO giving her attention.
The others seemed to have been ok with the whole experience. Even Zuri, for whom this was her first time "away" from home since I got her. I guess having the others with her helped.