Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Changing allegiance?.. - Part 2

Joey's idea of "favorite person" really seems to have changed, or at least it's moved on to "favorite people".
He is truly becoming more needy for my attention and slowly letting go of my significant other (which I don't think SO minds too much, specially in the morning).

As happy as it makes me, it's also a little troublesome. Having to deal with 3 other birds that show some preference for me, including one very needy Lovebird, I have to make sure I give them all equal time..which to them, doesn't always mean enough. Luckily, Shade and Zuri can be somewhat independent and do enjoy playing on the play gyms a big deal which makes it easier to manage but Piper on the other hand seems like she would be happy living on me perpetualy. Still, I have found myself at times with the 4 of them around/on me and the occasional jealous bickering was relatively easy to stop.

The only relieve is that I know I won't have to deal with Petey going to same route as Joey any time soon..meaning I'll probably have time to get a system going for sharing myself in four and be quite comfortable with it before she ever really likes me enough to leave her treasured(and deserted)shoulder on my SO to come over and see me ;) This doesn't mean I didn't wish my relationship with Petey was, how to put it, easier and I will still work at it with her (she does love me when favorite food is involved).

In any case, the one thing that this has shown me is that birds who start off with a preference for a specific gender can really come around to liking everyone.