Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tired or preening??

Or both???

Hatchday preening session

Zuri was nice yesterday and preened Shade quite a bit. Hatchday present?
It's been a while since they actually got along. Everyone has been keeping to their own lately.

Want ads

This morning I did something I didn't do in a very long time - I looked at bird want/selling ads.

I'm not sure why I did, I think mostly out of curiosity. It's been well over a year since I looked all on my own (I'm excluding specific links that my mother sent me). Although I've never been quite swayed by those ads (the only bird I got as a result of an ad was Joey, and it wasn't because the ad made it sound like I had to save him, but rather because he was a Red-bellied parrot and at the time I thought he was most likely already sold...), I think with everything that has happened to me last year and the fact that I feel like I'm quite at my limit for parrots right now, I just haven't had the time nor the drive to look.

And I should have kept things that way.

No, I don't have any temptation to bring another bird home. However, looking at those ads made me sad. Birds, young and old, needing a new home, a lot of the time because it appears their owners didn't know what they were getting into. People looking for "free" birds (which always made me weary); people advertising being "rescues" but needing people to give them supplies/money and birds; people looking to make a quick buck off their parrot...

I wasn't surprised though. It was the same type of ads as when I was looking at them more regularly over a year ago. Sadly, things will most likely not change.

I think I'll go back to avoiding those websites - not that I want to ignore the problem, I know it will stick around for a while. People act impulsively, people are greedy. But I think I'll just go back to spending that time with the birds I have, the ones who's lives I have an immediate impact on. The ones that I hope will never have to be advertised on such websites.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Hatchday Shade!

She turned 7 today.

I remember the first time I saw her, only covered in white fuzz (she was only a month old at the time), like it was yesterday.

My first Poicephalus, the reason why I have 6 of them.

She's as close to being the "perfect parrot", in my eyes at least, as any parrot can come. She's the one that seems to be the most in tune with me and I like to think I've got pretty good about reading her as well.

Happy birthday Shade!

Oh Léa...

I'm not sure how she managed to wedge the tray that regularly sits on the bird scale in such a fashion that it still sticks up while she's sitting on the edge - generally, whenever she chooses to play on it, she makes it slide whichever way, which spooks her.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Strong Zuri

Pulling the large block of wood all the way up to him!

Léa's first "no"

It *just* happened.

She was enjoying her time out of cage, but was starting to get in trouble situations, resulting in a lot of interventions to get her to stop doing bad things.

I looked at the time, and figured she had been out for nearly an hour so I told the Boy that it was ok to put her in her cage with her breakfast.

In conjunction with me saying that, he quickly picked her up, so that he had her in his hands by the time I was done talking.

That is when Léa let out her first clear "NO!"

The Boy and I looked at each other, laughing. There was no mistaking what she had said.

Ironically, I don't think either of us really said "no" this morning while she was doing things she shouldn't be doing.


What's up?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My first Avian Stainless order

To be honest, I wasn't planning to put an order with Avian Stainless before I needed some more Avian Organics (as both online stores are owned by the wonderful Doris) so I could combine shipping. However, last week she had a special on her Facebook page on her version of the skewer - the "Classic Canadian Skewer". I believe it was 30% off and I really couldn't pass that up!

Well my package arrived today (which really was incredibly fast shipping!) and although I knew the skewer was "large", I was still surprised by how wide it was when I saw it in person!

It was suggested that the skewer gets hung outside the cage, unless you have a very large cage with plenty of space and I agree - but it was always my intention of having out in a common area for all to enjoy (once I decide what I'll put on it..)

Along with the skewer came a little surprise, also from Avian Stainless. It was very neatly packaged.

The toy is named "Rising Stars" and I'm thinking I'll also hang it on the common play area - after all, some of the smaller guys have been missing a toy I removed after doubting if it was entirely safe and I think this will be a nice substitute!

Since I was running low on Cazuela, I asked Doris if I could order a bag and get it included in the box and she happily oblidged. Imagine my surprise when I saw two bags of Avian Organics goodies in the box, one being a free bag of Cajun Berry Minis, which is a great thing since the birds love these (well any of the "minis") and we are about at the half mark point of the Mango Ginger Minis bag I have open right now.

Thank you so much Doris!!!

March Parrot Club pictures

There was a Parrot Club meeting last Sunday evening and, since it was the first of the year (there are no meetings in January and February due to the cold), it was a "meet and greet".

Took a few pictures of the birds that were there (I didn't bring any of mine).

Crystal of Crystal's Bird Toys was there with things for sale.

Finally, a member also brought a "cake" made of cupcakes shaped like two parrots - very creative!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What's down there?

I couldn't see anything special that "deserved" her attention - but I guess my view on things differs from hers!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Playful Zuri

Also from this afternoon, he looks a bit more "adventurous" than Pixel...

Watching the piece of wood he worked for fall to the ground

Playful Pixel

A few pictures from earlier this afternoon.

March's "Cooking for the birds"

After weeks of having to prepare meals each night because we ran out of the food I had prepared in January and I haven't got around to making more, I finally did another batch over the week-end.

The Boy and I were both sick quite a bit during February and early March so the prospect of spending hours during the week-end to prepare food over that time period wasn't really something that I looked forward to, although it would have saved some headache in the evening when it came time to preparing the birds' dinner.

While I'm feeling better, I didn't really want to think too much about what to put into the mix so I kept it to some very standard ingredients.

-Sweet potato
-Sweet peas
-Chick peas (or gabanzo beans)

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, the vegetables (all but the kale) were steamed using my steamer. I think I will keep using it for this task from now on.

If I get around to it before I portion and bag this all up, I might cook some brown rice and pearl barley to add to the mix. If not, I think it'll be good as it is, at least for this time.

I can't wait for the summer to be here and for produce to be a bit more abundant and diversified!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Steaming some veggies!

I'll probably have a longer post tomorrow about my lastest venture in "cooking for the birds", as I am, once again, taking the 2 day approach to producing a big batch of food to be frozen in individual meal size portion.

And while it might be more of the same, how I prepare the veggies has changed this time around. Over the holidays I received a steamer and figured I'd give it a try with the veggies I cut up for this batch of bird food. So far, I'm quite impressed - putting aside the fact that I know that steaming allows for more nutrients to stay within the vegetables, I also found they had a sweeter taste comparatively than when I gave them a quick blanching, which I'm sure the birds will also enjoy!

Monday, March 18, 2013


"She was quite insistent that she not come down with me today. Lots of "hi" "hi lea" "step up" "kiss kiss". When she is that chatty you know she is in a rebellious mood."

~The Boy, talking about how Léa was this morning. 

On week day mornings, I have Piper, Shade, Joey, Pixel and Zuri in the computer room, while Léa goes downstairs with the Boy and Petey gets free roam of the birdroom. Not this morning it seems. As the quote suggests, Léa did not want to cooperate, probably hanging out on the playing gym instead of listening when asked to step up.

My favorite part in all of this is the chatty = rebellious mood. She has her "rebellious" moments with me as well, but I don't get the benefit of hearing her go through her vocabulary. Instead, lately she tries to pinch my arm and then runs away looking at me from the corner of her eye...and then starts over. It really seems like she's trying to get my attention but I don't want to reinforce that behaviour.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


He was lying down in my hand earlier this morning and I took some pictures, although I really didn't have the right lens on my camera given how I could only extend my arms so far either way. A few turned out!

sooooo tired!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Hatchday Joey!

Today, he turned 8.

He's been with us for 5 of those 8 years. Funny to think that I used to not like the idea that I had him for less years than half of whatever age he was at the time. It's most definitively not the case anymore.

So of course I had him out to take a few pictures..and all he wanted to do was play.

Happy birthday Joey!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring forward

I found it hard getting up this morning.
But it seems I'm not the only tired one - I have the Littles out with me and while they have started to go a little crazy lately in the morning, not today. They are all either taking a nap or preening - it's all very calm! A good thing if you consider I don't think I would be very quick to react to anything bad.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kiss kiss!

Léa has started to say a new thing lately - "Kiss, kiss!"

This is what I tell her before I give a kiss on her beak or head.
But did she say the words in front of me? No. These are reserved for when she's in the basement alone with the Boy in the morning (while I'm with the Littles). I have yet to hear her say them, and need to go by what the Boy reports.

She's been doing this lately, pick up on things I say to her and then say them around the Boy and, she really only picks up the things I say in the first place.


"You hooked my nipple Petey"

(insert giggle)

"It's NOT funny!"

~The Boy first to Petey, then to me. I mostly giggled at the randomness of him saying all of this out loud!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Hatchday Piper!

He turns 8 today.

Where did the time go...
It seems like just yesterday he wiggled his way into my life.
Even though he keeps getting older, he still has the energy of a young one!

Happy birthday little guy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More of lovely Léa

She'll be two years old in a little over two months!

Monday, March 4, 2013

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