Saturday, December 8, 2012

Toast splitter

A month or so ago, I blogged about Léa's weird toast eating habit.

Today, I managed to document it in pictures as it was happening.

After a few bites.

What exactly does she do? She seems to only eat the inside portion of her piece of toast - leaving the actual "toasted" part untouched.

You can really see how the front of back piece of the toast separate after she's done eating the part she likes.

It's quite interesting to see how meticulous she is about the whole thing. She really doesn't seem to waste any of the inside part and, quite honestly, seems to leave the same amount of bread on either side.

Diving in deeper!

Look at all that missing crumb!

It's her thing. She seems to be doing this religiously every morning. Some days, she might go back for the rejected part, some days she doesn't.

Still chewing along!

I guess there are far worst habits she could have. At least this one is entertaining!


Fernand said...

Léa being a girl, maybe she decided to have a diet just before Christmas time :) ?

Natacha said...

She's had that habit for a while :)

clicknparrot said...

Hahah, I do love eating toasts the same way!

Nice pictures!