Monday, March 19, 2012

Stealthy Ninja Bird

And it's not in a good way.

Joey can be very noisy - in fact, most of the time he's a boisterous little guy. But there are also the moments where he covets something, something he shouldn't have, and he suddenly becomes the most quiet bird out there.

So quiet, calm and still that you slowly forget to keep a constant vigilant eye on him since he's being so good.

And then he strikes.

He quietly goes towards the coveted item, stopping along the way a few times as to not raise suspicion. Then, still without making a sound, he lets himself lose on the item he so desired.

This is how we came, earlier tonight, to end up with a very chewed up Wii nunchuk cable.

The worst part? He tried that cycle a few times tonight and both the Boy and I interrupted him before he made any damage. You would think we would have kept a more vigilant eye on him as a result..

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