Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Joey's hatchday!

And just like Piper a week ago, Joey turns 6 today!
He didn't really cooperate for his birthday photoshoot. The one picture above was the nicest "posed" one.

He much preferred preening, as seen below.

Notice those little orange feathers on the top of his head? He only had one or two when I first got him and he's been getting them more and more as he's been aging. I love those feathers.

And if he wasn't preening, he was hard at play, showing me that 6 years old for a Poi is still quite young!

I just love this one - such beautiful colours he has!

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Laura's Bird World said...

The orange feathers on his head are too cute :)

Are male RBs known for adding more orange as they age?