Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The hanging play gyms

Here are a couple of pictures.

Above Joey and Petey's cages. This is where Shade and Zuri hang out most of the time (it's next to my big windows). Shade is there a lot more since the big evil purple Jolly Ball made it's appearance on the gym above her cage...she had no problem with the red Jolly ball (was intrigued with it from the beginning) so I have to assume she has a problem with the colour purple...

Here is the park above Shade and Piper's cages.
Petey spends a lot of her time, when not on my significant other, on that park.

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Cari said...

Ok..I just viewed these 'park" pictures tonight that you have above your parrots cages. How in the world does one go about making such a cool set up??!! It must have cost you a mint eh?

I am not sure my husband would want me to make that large of display for the birds..but I know that I should would love to do that for them!! You give me something to dream about. =)

(I am "pictaker" from the bird board.)