Monday, April 5, 2010

Today's delivery

Not toys.

We actually received the air purifier we ordered a while back. Ironically, I've been thinking about it last night and this morning before it's arrival - wishful thinking? Maybe..

In any case it's here now and I'm thrilled!

For a while I've been browsing different air purifiers, uncertain on which one to get. Finally, the Boy mentioned wanting to redeem some Points and was there anything I wanted. Well, I asked if there were any air purifiers in the items the points could be redeemed for and there was one. We read reviews on it and they were mostly good so voila, "free" air purifier.

We got this one.

It's in the birdroom, as it could not cover all the apartment and it's really the birdroom's air that I want as clean as possible given they do spend a sizable amount of time in there (i.e. during the day when we are at work and then at night).

So far, my only complaint is that it seems to be on the noisy side, but I've often read this was the case with these things so I won't obsess about it.

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