Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Sidewalk Sale time - first order has arrived!

On June 10th until the 12th, Avian Avenue held their bi-annual Sidewalk Sale (SWS).
As on previous occasions, I did participate although I didn't really go overboard.

Given the actual strike/lock-out situation with Canada Post, I am forced to wait for most of my packages since there is no mail delivery (my Things for Wings package had been mailed out and set to be arriving on Monday, but is now somewhere in transition, waiting for deliveries to start over). Luckily, I did place an order with Crystal Bird Toys and since she's in the Ottawa region, I was able to get my order by hand delivery! What service!

Crystal had one of the most generous sales during that week-end - a combination of 30% off all items, buy three get one free, a free snack bag with each order (a snack bag contains foot toys) as well as a pretty good shipping deal for anyone to whom their orders were shipped.

So what did I get?

I got the Biscotti toy...

..and the Fred's Forager toy.

A close up of the Fred's Forager toy, so you can see the pine nuts included in the yucca pieces.

Apparently I did my math wrong, only getting four or each when I had 5 Pois to go around. But when I saw them in person, it also hit me that given the quantity of nuts on each toy, I'll probably keep these for out-of-cage toys, which means everyone will share, given that I'm sure Zuri, and possibly some of the others, would go through all the nuts in one day if I did leave the toys in their cages.

Finally, here is the content of my free snack bag.


Coco said...

I just looooove these amazing almond and yucca foraging toys!! They are so cool!!

HungryBird said...

Wow that pine nut foraging toy is really, really nice! You are always tempting me!

I don't think your birds have enough toys. They need another $500 worth.

Seriously though, I can only imagine the stuff you are getting in preparation for the newest addition! You've been stocking up for a while now. I wouldn't be surprised to hear the entire cage is set up and ready to go.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the post, Natacha!

I just LOVE your photography :) I'll have to hire you soon!

Natacha said...

@Coco: the toys, specially the one with the yucca, are actually bigger than I thought they would be. Quite good value for what's on them!

@HungryBird: I don't think they quite need *that* much although I might be soon dropping more money on EH skewers.

@Crystal: I would be happy to help with pictures :)