Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 8 - Zuri went back to the vet today

It was a scheduled visit to change the bandage on his foot. The vet also wanted to take a look at how the healing was coming along. She said things were looking good, however it didn't look like the piece of bone and the stub of nail were going to come back together (he had chewed his toe pretty badly initially it seems) and being nearly 100% convinced that they would never join again, she recommended that we cut the little piece of each that were showing and allow skin to heal over the whole thing. It would be a quicker healing process to something that most likely inevitably was going to happen.

So she did it.

And Zuri came back with a new bandage and an altered collar. The plastic part was made shorter but the vet also added what looks like a turtleneck as to make it harder for him to bend his head over to reach his foot, seeing how he decided it was a new and fun activity. But there is a tiny problem with this new set up.

Here's a hint -

Look closely, and you see he has a foot in the air and not just any foot - the bandaged foot. Being the resourceful little bugger, he still figured out how to get to his foot with the new set-up, and it didn't take him much time.

So the Boy and I made him a collar from the same material (we got an extra  sheet the first time he went to the vet) and we kept it longer. Hopefully the combination of the slightly bigger plastic collar and the turtleneck one will prevent him from bringing his foot to his beak and that the healing will be able to happen.

He's got spunk that's for sure.


Crystal said...

But he does so with a smile on his beak! What a rascal!

Xo Zuri

Natacha said...

..and a mischievous glint in his eyes! ;)

Fernand said...

Bad Zuri!!! Don't touch it! :)

Lauren said...

He's too smart for the set up ;)
He is still very cute !

Katherine said...

Persistent little genius!