Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A shopping trip to Parrotdise Perch

Last week-end I was in the Toronto area.
I've gone a few times before, however I never even thought of heading out to Parrotdise Perch in Mississauga. Well, I did do just that on Sunday.

I went knowing I wanted one thing: a Mother Pluckin' Atom. Yes, I've made homemade versions of the atom myself using an array of supplies; hula-hoops, stainless steel screws, rope and PVC connectors or simply hula-hoops and vet wrap. The birds didn't mind them but I knew I one day wanted to purchase the real thing. What has stopped me so far? The one bird store here that had them for a while charged an insane price for them. Ordering them online meant shipping from the States and although I finally did do this once, I'm still a bit weary that I will someday get stuck with custom fees (less likely brokerage since most vendors seem to be using USPS to ship to Canada). Then I saw the price Parrotdise Perch sold them for; while more expensive than the US, once you factor in conversion rate as well as shipping costs, it seemed like it was advantageous to purchase it at Parrotdise Perch.

And I did.

The Mother Pluckin' Atom

Does that thing ever feel solid and well built! Definitely tighter than whatever I did with mine, the core is a stainless steel rod and the hardware, which is also stainless steel, used at the top allows the atom to rotate fully on itself without ever blocking.

While I was there, I tried not going overly crazy purchasing toys; I tried to keep in mind the price of some of the items elsewhere and this alone allowed me to put stuff back on the shelf (or to not even pick it up in the first place) since not everything was necessarily a better deal there. However, I did indulge in a few more Mother Plucking toys, as I face the same dilemma ordering those online as I did the atom. I got two of the Small Refillable Stainless Steel Corkscrew (since it was all they had left, would have liked one for each of my Poi (this item was too big for Piper)) as well as a Avian Mini Maze Muncher, which I have wanted to try out for a while.

The Small Refillable Stainless Steel Corkscrew and Avian Mini Maze Muncher

I also grabbed a few interesting looking foot toys and a babble ball.

Overall, it was a pleasant shopping experience and I'll probably drop by the store more often when I am in the area.

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