Sunday, May 1, 2011

An egg

Well..three eggs to be more exact.

But all I really care is that one holds a female Cape parrot.

For years now I've been fascinated with Cape parrots. For years they were my "dream bird".

I've wanted one very badly for a long time. Thing is, they are rather rare in Canada, although there seems to be more and more breeders who do have them, and it never really was the right time.

But I've been tired of having "if, buts and maybes" running my life. Don't get me wrong, I still think of all the possible outcomes to the scenario, but sometimes you have to seize the day. And knowing me, I could easily let the cons win over the pros, even if the pros would be larger in number.

I could wait all my life - there could always be a reason not to go forward and get one, but I could regret not doing it as well. I've actually seen a Cape pass me by last fall. But it did't feel like the right time and I don't regret not jumping on the occasion. But now - it feels right and not going through would lead to regrets I'm sure.

So yes. Three eggs. Three chances that one of them holds a little girlie Cape. Because that is what I want - a little girl Cape.

The eggs were laid in mid-April so by mid-May they should start hatching. The wait is killing me. I've started putting stuff in my spare cage. I've started buying specific perches and toys for this unborn bird. Not too much, and stuff that could be used by my others guys should there be no girl Cape this time. But I'm surprised about how committed I'm being. It's a little scary but it feels great at the same time.

And names have been popping in my head and I'm torn between two - but those I will not share until there's a baby bird to be really attached to it, and I'm sure the name will come naturally when I first see it's face, even if it's only on a picture.


Saemmabel said...

Yay!! I'm ecstatic for you!!

Nikki said...

I am so excited for you Natacha! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you're able to bring home a little cape girlie home soon!

Caitlin said...

Aw... you're nesting :) So excited for you, hope it all works out.

Coco said...

Yay!!! I am SO excited for you!! I can't wait until those lovely Capes hatch and you can officially claim one as YOURS! :)

Kritter Krazy said...

I hope everything turns out alright and you finally get your dream bird, it must be so exciting. I'm so happy for you!