Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog neglect

Over a week since my last post!

I'll start by saying that everyone is ok and no, the prolonged absence wasn't due to vacation either. Last week was a terribly busy one at work, so the last thing I felt like doing was sitting in front of the computer once I got home. Hopefully next week will be a little less hectic, because I don't particularly like falling behind with posting.

I used to post the daily 365 picture in the morning, however, as I didn't process any and didn't exactly feel like doing it in the morning (one picture at a time), that didn't get done. As well, Léa is far better behaved in the morning if I devote all my attention to her, so our mornings last week consisted of me scratching her head while watching random videos on YouTube. Ideally, I'd process the week's worth of pictures over the week-end, as long as I take all the required pictures over the week-end (and since I did nothing of the sorts yesterday, it makes for a tall order today, especially since I plan on making spaghetti sauce and soup and that birds and the kitchen don't mix well).

So here we have it, a justification post I would rather not have to write and leaving me simply to hope that next week will be different.

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