Thursday, January 1, 2015

A "recent" order from Things for Wings

Recent being very loosely used here - it is the most recent order I made for parrot related items and it did arrive in December, but I've definively had the things for a couple of weeks now!

The order included some Christmas themed toys for the birds (which they got on Christmas) and a 10lbs of TOPs pellets. Given the bag of food is not that interesting to look at (and is extremely reflective and doesn't photograph that well), I didn't snap a picture, but here are the toys:

Elf - Shade and Joey each got one of these -

Hats Off to Tookie - Zuri, Petey and Pixel got these -

Christmas Baby Buttons - for Piper

Country Santa - for Léa

Not much is left of the toys given to the smaller Pois; after all, they were mostly made of easy to destroy materials, but were also thoroughly enjoy. I don't always buy stuff with mostly balsa or cork, because of how quickly the toys will get decimated (pine gets destroyed but takes a little longer), but once in a while, it is a nice treat for them.

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