Friday, June 5, 2015

Thing for Wings 2015 SWS order

My second of two Sidewalk Sale (SWS) orders arrived this week (on Tuesday I think?)

I took many pictures the day the box showed up, but because there were many pictures, it took me a while to go through processing them (mostly brightening and cropping, depending on how each picture came out originally) and I did a few each day. After I had started taking a few pictures, and realizing the volume of toys I had, I did start grouping some of the toys in one shot, when they were small enough to allow it, but I started that too late and was left with bigger toys soon enough, that needed their own picture.

There were two aspects to Thing for Wings (T4W) SWS; a percentage off the order, which varied with how much the order amounted to, and the Red light specials (RLS). I didn't partake in the first part of the sale (having ordered the toys I wanted a few weeks prior to the sale), but did partake in the RLS. Specific deals would be posted, up for a certain (disclosed) amount of time or until they ran out. I've gotten pretty good at "sniping" deals, although there might have been one or two that I've missed.

In any case, in no particular order, here are the toys that I did get.

Bag of chewable items - Joey and Léa love using these as foot toys.

Natural basket with natural toy parts - I currently have one that is being worked on, nice to have a back-up!

Cork slabs.

Hadwood toy (for Léa obviously).

The perch below should have been painted as a watermelon, but I have to say, I quite prefer the natural look (the watermelon pattern is cute, but not sure how well it would stand to washing)

Soft Teddy sampler I think?

A Zoo Max toy, which was sold along side another toy featured in another picture (didn't realize this until after I was done taking pictures).

Don't remember the name of this one, but will be going to one of the smaller Pois.

Here is where I started grouping smaller toys -

Will be used as a foot toy.

Don't remember their names, will be given to some of the smaller Pois.

And now toys were getting large enough so I preferred only one per picture...

Sunflower pocket (exact name eludes me right now - will probably go to Piper).

Another sunflower toy - will either go to Shade or Léa or to Shade first to destroy softer items and then to Léa to destroy harder items.

Natural activity mat - for Piper or one of the smaller Pois.

Sunflower activity mat - again, for Piper or one of the smaller Pois (but given plastic items, more likely will go to Piper)

Small basswood perch for Piper.

Literally called "Can't think of a name" or something like that.

Don't remember the name, but for Léa. She loves these.

Again, name eludes me, but will go to one of the smaller Pois come Christmas time.

A nice toy made of mostly balsa - for one of the smaller Pois or Piper.

Finally, these perches weren't part of the RLS, but I felt like I needed more perches and given my box hadn't left T4W yet, I added a few to my order.

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