Monday, November 30, 2015

November Beak Box haul

Here is another order that I received a little while ago, but didn't get to take picture of and post about until tonight (but at least this time, I had opened the box before).

Beak Box...what is that? It is a monthly bird toy subscription. It's been around for a few months but I didn't join in until either late in October or earlier this month.

Danita from Things for Wings is behind it, and given how much the flock likes her toys, I figured why not give this a try for a few months. It is rather convenient, describe likes and dislikes of the flock and see what will happen. I generally like surprises (if they are pleasant in nature) and was happy with my first Beak Box.

 (This is the inside view of the pouch posted in the previous picture)

For anyone who is interested in subscribing, the link is below. Note that if you do not wish to continue, you need to ensure you cancel. We went with the second package, given the number of birds that live here and their sizes.

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