Monday, December 28, 2015

A Christmas present

Being totally unoriginal, I'm using the same title for this blog post as I did for a very similar one last year.

The Boy decided to get me another painting of one of the birds for Christmas, which made me very happy. Since we are going in the order in which we got each bird, it was Pixel's turn to be immortalized in painting form.

He went with the same local artist as all the other paintings, Frank Van Boxtel. I don't think I ever mentioned him in any of my other posts, a big oversight on my part, for anyone who is curious to see other pieces of his work, have a look at this website -

Here is a picture of the painting (again, not doing it fully justice) -

And here is the picture on which this painting was based on -

The Boy said that generally Frank will look through pictures and will give an option of two for him to select for the painting but this time around, he selected this picture from the get-go - I guess it does show her belly well, and there is no yawning or self headscratching involved!

Finally, as I've done with all other posts showing off paintings of the birds, here are links to the previous ones:






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