Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Skirt dancing" Petey

I think most parrot owners would know what I mean by "skirt dance" - those who don't, well I think you will understand by watching the video.

I wouldn't normally post this, but the thing with Petey is that I find intriguing that he keeps one of his feet in a tight fist the whole time. It seems to make things even more awkward but, according to the Boy (who has seen this in person on a number of occasions), it's his "thing". In fact, if Petey can manage it, he'll apparently keep both his feet in tight fists on either side (as long as he can still balance).

Oh and and I think this is one of  the few times where you can see Petey's rump feathers rather well.


Caitlin said...

hahahaha... where on earth did you get the music??? LOL

Natacha said...

lol! boyfriend searched for "cheesy 70s music" with creative commons - it just seemed rather fitting!

Anonymous said...

this was SO funny ... parrot owner know no privacy :P

Natacha said...

Oh I held back on posting the video for a while...pondering whether I should or not. But the thing with his foot was too funny :)