Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The *new* birdroom - Phase 2

I didn't think I would be posting this so soon after yesterday's post.

But what can I say, I couldn't resist adding things last evening (the fact that a lot of it was in two accessible boxes didn't help).

Now there are more items hanging above the side of the room where Piper's, Léa's, Shade's and Zuri's cages are, as well as a few more items on the other side. The biggest thing added is of course the Get-a-grip net that links both sides of the room together.


Maya said...

WOWIE!! Love it!! I like how the net spans that big space in the middle! :D

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! Great job!

CG said...

Wow! Can I be your bird, too?

Natacha said...

@Maya - me too! It nearly didn't make it though, I was close to getting the medium/long to replace this one. One day I think I'd like to have a crawler replace the get-a-grip, although the birds do like to play with the stray strands of rope on this one.

@storywings - thanks!

@CG - lol! I guess they are pretty spoiled..

Natacha said...

I received the following comment from Fernand (unfortunately when I went to accept I apparently pushed the wrong button) -

"Wouldn't it be advisable to put a wire on the fluorescent tubes? If they break, it will make very small parts that could be dangerous to the birds... Very nice room!!!"

Natacha said...
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