Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Petey update

This was written a while ago on a parrot forum and for some reason, I didn't think of also sharing it here. So, with a little delay, here is another Petey update.


(December 3rd, 2008)

I've been talking about hormones and Petey because she was the worst.

But my other two Pois got slightly affected by hormones too these last few weeks.

In Joey, it resulted in him trying to nip (yes trying because, poor him, he's very predictable when he wants to nip and hence, hasn't managed to do it properly ). He doesn't try it as much lately.

With Shade, it resulted in her being more independent. I guess most people will see nothing wrong with this, and compared to other behaviors she could have adopted I guess it's ok, but it felt weird not having little baby Shade want as much attention. Mind you, she was never the cuddliest bird (which I did not want hence why I chose Poicephalus in the first place), but having her be even less so made me a little sad. (Oh and seeing her level of activity and her (very) healthy appetite made me rule out her being sick.) But for a couple of days now, she's reverted to her old self, coming to me more often to either sleep on a shoulder or knee or ask for head scritches before going back to play with something. Her being her old self again made me happy.


(December 4th, 2008)


I was sitting on the ground trying to make transport cage covers with fleece blankets. Petey was on the hanging gym above Shade's and Piper's cages. She slowly came down, climbed down Shade's cage until she was about a foot and a half from the ground and jumped. She slowly approached me, eyes pinning like crazy in the beginning and bobbing her head at times. She stopped. She then proceeded to come closer, always stopping after making a couple of steps. We observed each other for a while. I was the one who put an end to it (I needed to keep a closer eye on Shade who was starting to bother Nemo and I'm not sure giving half my attention to Petey right there would of been a wise choice) and picked her up with a perch (that eye pinning made me wary to try with my hand straight away and she stepped up without a fuss) and put her back on the play gym. She did not seem insulted about being put back there (got off without any trouble, which isn't always the case) and she's currently grooming herself up there.

Not entirely sure she meant to be aggressive. I've had her go on the floor faster and immediately run for my feet. Or maybe she figured out that that tactic didn't work and is now trying something else

She's an enigma for sure. I really wonder what happened to her earlier in life to make her wary of women.

(and 5 minutes later)

Well. She just tried it again but this time, it was an attack. The moment she hit the ground, she ran towards me, eyes pinning. Picked her up with the perch and had to put the perch in her cage with her because she was not stepping down. I'm just happy my hand is not the perch right now, it's getting a severe beating.

I'll let her out in 5-10 minutes.

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