Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Zuri

Newest little foster bird.

Who am I kidding, she'll probably end up staying. Of course it all depends on how she'll act with my other birds but somehow, I don't think she'll be as difficult as Petey.

Her story.

She was hatched in 2007, not sure what month but I'm trying to figure it out (I find it great that I can actually go back as far as knowing her breeder and who had her in between). So, there's a very good chance she's not even 2. Her first owner had to giver her up because he got diagnosed with cancer and has since passed. Because of his illness, little Zuri probably didn't have all the attention she deserved as a baby, but it is somewhat understandable. Although she was a little skittish when she first arrived at my friends who run the "rescue", she's seems to have gotten over her fears. I've had her since yesterday and she's starting to want to explore and play around. She's curious. She's trying different toys and food. She does occasionally pinch, but I'm working with her on that.

She came with the name Oscar (and the belief that she was a male). Honestly, my gut feeling tells me she's a female, but I could be wrong. In any case, I will refer to her as a female. I didn't really like the name Oscar; when I think of Oscar, I think grouchy old man (sorry to anyone out there named Oscar). Zuri, according to a translation website, means "beautiful" in Swahili, which I find suits her better. I did want to look up "mischievous", but nothing came up.

Here's are some pictures of Zuri.

Zuri and I

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