Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Léa is 4 months old today!

She's already four months old! And to think I remember like yesterday being told that there was eggs!

Of course, this is the first time she got a month older here, all previous monthly celebrations were at the breeder's, so it makes this one a little more special.

She's definitively getting more comfortable in the living room, tonight she was all over the place. However, when I took her out first thing this afternoon we had to stay in the bedroom - she wanted to be on her Wingdow and I didn't feel like moving it. The large is definitively better for her, she tried going on the medium and hasn't liked how less spacious it was.

Obviously I took pictures! I'm thinking a montage of all of these pictures taken on the 14th of the month leading to her first birthday might be something I'll do.

Most of these could figure in a series about how she always has something in her beak...

With a pistachio.

With a piece of wooden bead.

With a pumpkin seed.

Oh look at that, just standing!

Her tongue was all over the Java stand - obviously this branch was too large for her beak...

...but this one wasn't.

And just because I find this one funny!

There's a few other pictures that made my heart melt a little..but they deserve their own post.


Tamara said...

Aw, happy birthday Lea! May you have many more :)

Deep Thinker said...

I love the way she is always smiling!

HungryBird said...

I love the pictures of her chewing on the Java stand!