Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learning to talk

I think the number one question I get when I tell people I have parrots is

"Do they talk?".

Trying to explain that not all parrots talk and that there is indeed many type of parrots (if it's not a Macaw or an Amazon, it appears it's not a parrot in most people's minds) isn't always the easiest thing. In fact, when I say that not all my parrots talk, they seem to loose interest.

Frankly, I couldn't care less if a parrot talks or not. If it does learn to, then it's an added bonus (until they start repeating those words over and over and over...).
Petey came to me with a large vocabulary but has not said most of the words she knows in the last few months. No big deal.
Joey came to me not really speaking any clear words, but mumbling a lot (and Red-bellies have the best talking reputation amongst small Poicephalus). He has learned to say "Hey Joey" when we come in the appartment, since I always great my birds when I come in. He has also started imitating the few words Shade knows.
Shade has a very limited repertoire but she does use the words when appropriate. Since I spoke to her mostly in French, she mostly says French words.
Piper doesn't talk. But gosh she knows how to make herself understood.
We are left with Zuri. Zuri did not talk when I got her in January. Still hasn't spoken in front of me. However, when I got up this morning I could hear her practicing to talk in her still covered cage. Something that sounded like "Hi Zuri" was being repeated several times. Can't wait to see if she'll say that when she knows I'm around.

Here is a video of Shade talking. Repeating the few words she knows.

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