Saturday, March 21, 2009

My little piggie likes the most expensive granule better

When it comes to my parrots diet, I believe in variety.
They get plenty of veggies and fruit. They get some nuts. They get some "healthy" table food. They do get some granules (seemingly pellet is not the proper term for this kind of food..), but they also get a little seed. They eat some of everything and the vet has declared them to be in very good health and having beautiful plumage. So I'm guessing I'm doing something right, even if they get some seed.

When it came time to choosing granules..they get some Hagen Tropican in their seed mix, but they don't seem too keen on it (I did use to buy bags of only Tropican but they didn't really eat it). Over a year ago, I started giving them some Zupreem Avian Entrées, alternating between the "Hot and Spicy" and the "Garden Goodness", since both had less artificial colouring than the "Harvest" Entrée and the Fruit blend. These proved to be more successful than the Hagen kind, they would readily eat it.
However, wanting to introduce more variety into the granule portion of their diet, I've recently bought a 1lb bag of Harrison's High Potency. Wanting to slowly introduce it, I've been mixing it up with some Zupreem. Well, I just saw Shade picking out the Harrison from the Zupreem and eating them first. Shade will eat anything, it makes me laugh that she is showing such a preference for one granule diet over the other. I could imagine any of the other birds doing this, not her. As a matter of fact, she's never shown any preference for "colour" such as Piper who will NOT eat any green granule. However, since the cost of Harrison bird food is what it is, I'll keep on getting it, but it will be mixed with other food.

I might try introducing some Roudybush next and see what happens...


CrystalUsagi said...

Kelsey didn't really like the Roudybush samples that I gave him. He sort of tossed them on the side and ate only the Harrisons. But he actually seems to prefer the Hagen tropical pellets. Guess they're all different XD

Natacha said...

Mine really don't seem to care about the Hagen. Least favorite of the ones I've tried with them...and I kind of wished they did like it better.

(Sorry it took a while to answer to your comment..I should really try to figure out how to get warnings when these happen..)