Sunday, April 12, 2009

Changing allegiance?

Lately, it seems Joey might have change allegiance, where his "favorite" person is concern.

From day 1, he's shown a preference for Bram, and the male gender in general. Slowly, I got him to as readily accept women like he does men. Now, it seems that he wants to spend more and more time with me. Still, in the morning the first person he wants to go to is Bram; however, I think that Bram's laptop (which he in on every morning) has a lot to do with it (aka how fun it is to remove keys...).

However, as the day progresses, I'm the one he comes to for one on one individual time. Maybe it's because Petey is somewhat of an attention hog and will only want to really spend time with Bram (how I'm looking forward to being alone with her for just over a week...sigh) and he often gets chased away by her. I don't know.

All I do know, is I do have a Red-belly parrot around me much more often lately.

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