Friday, July 10, 2009

A week after...

..well more like a couple of days really.

Tully went back home last Monday evening. I haven't really continued with the posts, because it was more of the same. She has settled in quite well.

But what happened after is maybe something to note.

Shade had been her independent self while Tully was there (Shade has moments when she'll be more needy than others, but she's fairly good on her own). Since Tully left, she's been a bit more clingy. Maybe trying to prove that she's still bird #1 (bird #2 where Piper is concerned). She's been spending more time on me or close to me.

Zuri...Zuri was being possessive of me while Tully was there. Then Tully left and that had a weird impact on her. She regressed as to how she was in the beginning..very shy and nervous around myself and my boyfriend. She's getting over it and slowly becoming more like herself of late.

Wonder if she was afraid that she would also have to go soon?
After all, she is the last one to have moved in to the flock and might be frightened of Tully's short stay here. It's all assumptions really, but I do wonder what went through her mind.

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