Monday, July 20, 2009

3 wet Pois

Saturday was shower time.
The best wet bird pictures, in order:

#3, Shade who felt the lure of food overcome her desire to pose nicely for the camera (resulting on her being on my hand for one shot as to not have her head in the bowl)

#2, Joey who always cracks me up when wet

#1, Zuri because this is just a really nice shot of her (caught in mid-fluff too!)


Andrew Elliott said...

What an amazing pic of Zuri!! It's so hard to catch them in the middle of a shake without it being all blurry...

We've trained Kidjo to do his 'laser sound' ("pew pew pew") after he's pretty funny...

Cari said...

Your photos are AMAZING. You sure get the focus "spot on"! I wish I could be like you!! *lol*

Your birds are wonderful!