Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's sometimes good to read instructions when they are given

Earlier this week I received my shipment of sprouting seeds and sprouting jars from mumm's Sprouting Seeds. I had initially told myself I would wait until the week-end to start a new batch because one, I had a current batch of Avian Organics Avian Vitality mix going and two, it would be best to take pictures (and be able to take them with some natural light).

Well I caved..sorta.

I decided Tuesday evening to try one kind. I grabbed one of the two smaller bags and it turned out to be broccoli. As I took one of my brand new jars out, I figured I might as well read the little insert that was in the jar. This was one of the lines:

"Sprouts like broccoli & radish have a very extensive white fuzzy root hair system. (Some people mistake this for mould.)"

Right, fuzzy hair system often mistaken as mold. Made a mental note to remind myself of that one.

But..what do you think happened?

On Wednesday morning, they didn't grow much. In fact, by the end of the day, some had started to split a bit but no significant growth was to be found. (Please note that the soaking was not to be more than two hours and I did that Tuesday evening).

Fine I thought. The actual broccoli package said they were ready in 3 to 6 days.

This morning (Thursday) as I did my morning rinse (I rinse once I come home from work as well), I saw a few tails emerging from the seeds. Ok, there was some progress.

Then something funny happened.

The Boy had worked from home so when he picked me up at work, he told me the sprouts have grown tremendously during the day. He was right. I came home and it definitively wasn't the same sight as it was in the morning before I left!

And then I saw it. The white fuzz. And my brain immediately thought "oh no, that's bad!"...until my memory kicked in and reminded me about the fuzzy root hair system.

Want to know what is even funnier? There is no longer any fuzz. They have grown so much within the last few hours, they now all, or at least almost all of them, have rather long tail, tiny leaves starting to bud and taste quite good.

A small sampling of what they look like now, shot with a macro lens so they appear much bigger than they are.



I will be letting go another day or two. I'm curious to see if they'll grow much more.


Meg said...

Looks good! I need to get some more veggie seeds, I am almost out! They are also having broccoli this morning, though I don't sprout them quite as long as you. They will continue to grow, though. In another few days they will turn into the sprouts you would buy at the store, and inch or two long with little leaves, and after that I am not sure how far they will go, since they can't turn into a full plant in a jar, obviously!

I don't know if you eat sprouts (meaning "fully" sprouted ones) but I adore them. I love broccoli sprouts in particular. Actually, I live just about any besides alfalfa sprouts!

Natacha said...

How long do you let them sprout for? When I do beans and such, I only wait for them to have a tail. But it's been fun seeing these grow. Just came home and they were again much bigger than this morning!

Meg said...

Do you mean how long to let them sprout for me to eat? Or for the birds? For me, until they look sprouted enough, 5-7 days or so. for the birds, just maybe two days, or toe and a half... just so they have fully come out of the seed, since that is how my bird like them, but before they have sprouted too far. I'd say the fuzzy stage is just about right.

For beans, they have to have a 1/4" tail at least, but for everything else, just depends. My birds actually like them better with tiny tiny tails than just soaked, when they first :crack open" so I usually do them that long.

Natacha said...

I really wanted to know for the birds, but quite appreciate that you mentioned both. I've been munching on the sprouts the last two days...

Saemma said...

Great photos! Yes do read instructions next time!!