Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My first Avian Stainless order

To be honest, I wasn't planning to put an order with Avian Stainless before I needed some more Avian Organics (as both online stores are owned by the wonderful Doris) so I could combine shipping. However, last week she had a special on her Facebook page on her version of the skewer - the "Classic Canadian Skewer". I believe it was 30% off and I really couldn't pass that up!

Well my package arrived today (which really was incredibly fast shipping!) and although I knew the skewer was "large", I was still surprised by how wide it was when I saw it in person!

It was suggested that the skewer gets hung outside the cage, unless you have a very large cage with plenty of space and I agree - but it was always my intention of having out in a common area for all to enjoy (once I decide what I'll put on it..)

Along with the skewer came a little surprise, also from Avian Stainless. It was very neatly packaged.

The toy is named "Rising Stars" and I'm thinking I'll also hang it on the common play area - after all, some of the smaller guys have been missing a toy I removed after doubting if it was entirely safe and I think this will be a nice substitute!

Since I was running low on Cazuela, I asked Doris if I could order a bag and get it included in the box and she happily oblidged. Imagine my surprise when I saw two bags of Avian Organics goodies in the box, one being a free bag of Cajun Berry Minis, which is a great thing since the birds love these (well any of the "minis") and we are about at the half mark point of the Mango Ginger Minis bag I have open right now.

Thank you so much Doris!!!

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Doris said...

I would suggest that you consider hanging the Rising Stars toy from the middle o-ring of the skewer; that might work well as a "common area" for your birds.
You're very welcome, look forward to seeing the skewer in use!