Monday, March 18, 2013


"She was quite insistent that she not come down with me today. Lots of "hi" "hi lea" "step up" "kiss kiss". When she is that chatty you know she is in a rebellious mood."

~The Boy, talking about how Léa was this morning. 

On week day mornings, I have Piper, Shade, Joey, Pixel and Zuri in the computer room, while Léa goes downstairs with the Boy and Petey gets free roam of the birdroom. Not this morning it seems. As the quote suggests, Léa did not want to cooperate, probably hanging out on the playing gym instead of listening when asked to step up.

My favorite part in all of this is the chatty = rebellious mood. She has her "rebellious" moments with me as well, but I don't get the benefit of hearing her go through her vocabulary. Instead, lately she tries to pinch my arm and then runs away looking at me from the corner of her eye...and then starts over. It really seems like she's trying to get my attention but I don't want to reinforce that behaviour.

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