Saturday, April 13, 2013

Progress with Zuri

Zuri is the most independent bird in the flock, the one who can be left to do his own thing for longer.

Lately, however, he has started to show signs of wanting more one-on-one interaction, mostly with me but the Boy will do if I'm not around. Mostly, he wants his head scratched because of all the pin feathers that are growing in (and Shade, being in a molt right now, is moody and doesn't want to be "friends" at the moment).

Earlier this morning I was taking care of a few of these pin feathers and I noticed a lose piece of dried feather casing had fallen on one of his eyes, while it was open. It was holding on to the lower piece of his eyelid. Generally, he doesn't like if fingers get too close to his eyes but this morning he let me remove the feather casing (very gently) without moving or making a fuss.

I'm quite proud of him!

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