Sunday, April 28, 2013

A recent Things for Wings order

Things for Wings has branched out it seems! Danita is now offering more than her fun toys and toy parts, she now included food and I believe more is to come!

Thanks to a friend, I was made aware of this change just when I needed some more TOPs. And since Danita had the 10 lbs bag in stock at a very nice price, I made my first "non-Things-For-Wings-original" purchase there.

That might appear like a large bag but with my large flock, it actually lasts not that long (a month or two?). We keep the bag in the freezer to keep it fresh (I LOVE my chest freezer!)

I also figured that while I made an order for a food item, I might as well purchase some toys from her new adorable daffodil collection. I actually only got two of the same for my two biggest small Poi chewers at the moment (Joey and Shade) and I really think this toy is going to be a favourite with both of them!

Finally, because I do have another big chewer here who's appetite can really only be satisfied with harder pieces of wood, I got her another copy of "her" toy - the Léa toy!

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