Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week-end toy haul (Les Jouets Rosie)

What do you get when you combine a 25% off aluminum travel cages sale and a Significant Other who wants to give his car a nice long ride on the highway?

Well, in our case, this resulted in a road trip to go to the storefront for "Les Jouets Rosie", which happens to be a few hours away (but quite manageable to go to and come back within a day).

It was my first time visiting Jacqueline's store and I was quite impressed and spent a considerable amount of time walking around the place; it was actually quite nice to be in a pet related store solely dedicated to bird supplies!

Only once there did I realize it would have been nice to bring a camera to take pictures; however, I didn't but luckily she has a link on her webpage for anyone who is curious to see what the inside of the store looks like!

For pictures, click here!

As I pointed out above, we went first and foremost to pick up a Kings Cage aluminum travel cage and, since we were there, I took the opportunity to try and put my hand on some original "Rosie creations", which aren't always available on the website!

What I brought back home -

"Georges!" - he is bigger than he appears on the picture!

"Milles-pattes" - a HUGE toy, the first "Rosie" toy I spotted and took it off the hook immediately. It doesn't quite look like the one on the website, however I'm sure Léa will love it and I'm pretty convinced I gave her one when she first came to live with us.

 "Robot plein de surprises" - a foraging toy which already includes a few goodies within it.

I'm not exactly sure the one below is on the website (I can't find one that is identical), but it is another foraging toy.

Again, not sure this one is on the website, I think it is a smaller version of "Le Triangulaire" (the use of shaped wood is similar, although there is no base to this toy).

Large Rosie perch - the rope is wrapped in plastic on the picture, something I will keep on it until I'm ready to put it in a cage.

Finally, the medium travel cage. With this addition, my "collection" of aluminum travel cage is almost complete, I will want one more for Piper and then every bird will have one! 

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