Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Christmas present

I have, in the past, mentioned having a portrait done of each of the birds by a local artist. The last one I had received was in December 2011, although I didn't remember it being that long ago!

Well, one of my Christmas presents from the Boy this year was a new portrait. Let's say when it appeared under the tree, it wasn't hard to guess what it was (even though it was wrapped) and since the last portrait was of Petey, I knew this one was going to be Zuri (as the portraits are being done in the order the birds joined the flock).

Here is a picture of it - which doesn't do it justice.

It's gorgeous! The Boy had provided the artist with a link to pictures I've taken of Zuri and this is the one he picked to base the painting on:

Here are links to previous posts for the other paintings I have:





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Anonymous said...

Wow, those paintings are simply amazing!