Sunday, February 8, 2015

Léa the smarty-pants

I was on my way out of the birdroom with Piper and Shade and as I walk by Léa's cage to reach the door, I give Shade a kiss on the head and Léa watches us and goes "bisou!" ("kiss" in French).

I found this rather amazing, as I generally reserve "bisou" for Shade and Piper, because it was something I would say to both of them when I was still living with my parents and mostly speaking French at home and it stuck. The other birds joined the family when I started living with the Boy and spoke English at home so they got told "kiss" (or, in Léa's case, "kiss kiss"). I'm not exactly sure how frequently I use "bisou" with Piper or Shade around Léa (I know I do say it, but I think most of it is generally when we reach another room and they enjoy their out of cage time, which is staggered in three groups (Piper-Shade-Zuri, Joey-Petey-Pixel and finally Léa on her own).

So here we are, not only did Léa recognize that "bisou" and "kiss kiss" were associated with the same action, she also made the link that "bisou" gets used for Shade and Piper. Pretty smart of her!

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