Sunday, October 25, 2015

Letting Piper "win"

For the longest time, I've had my hair kept on the shorter side. If I had thoughts of letting it grow out, there was always that moment where it was too short to tie up but too long to do anything with it that drove me nuts and I'd just get it cut again.

However, since my cut last April, I've not really hit that annoying moment, or it didn't drive me as nuts, so I've not done anything to my hair. It is now at a length where I can tie it up.

This morning, I felt like having my hair in a ponytail, so I tied it up that way. But the birds have scarcely ever seen me with my hair any other way but lose.

I get the first batch of birds out (Piper, Shade and Zuri) and think things will be ok. Wrong. Oh so wrong. Piper acted like a frightened bird. He wouldn't go all the way up to my shoulder and would stay mid-way up my arm (this drives me nuts) and would fly towards the other two birds (bad choice on his behalf, especially flying towards Zuri), so undone came the ponytail...and now everything is ok.

I've heard of birds freaking out over some changes to their owners appearances (but this was mostly about hair colour if it had to do with hair) but I guess having hair tied up versus let down can be considered in the same way. And here I am, choosing to be uncomfortable (my hair is driving me a little nuts this morning) rather than having Piper freak out.

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