Monday, August 3, 2009

And down the slope we go...

Petey was making progress. Seemed tolerant of myself, definitely more tolerant of the other birds.

However, the last few days (last three to be precise), she's relapsed. Right now, she is in her cage whilst the others are out, beating the crap out of her toys. Better her toys than anyone else.

But why is she in her cage? For the second time today (fourth time in 3 days), she's managed to jump on me and, if I wasn't fast enough, would have taken out chunks of skin off my arms and neck (she is aiming for the head, kinda scary).
The first few times, my boyfriend was a bit careless...having her within jumping distance and she just took the leap. Needless to say he got more of the blame than she did. This last time though, she leaped from quite farther away. She is clipped because of this (well this and her going after the other birds, which she has not done in a while).

This is why she has been going through so many homes. Total unprovoked attacks (trust me, I've been trying to figure out what I could have been doing that would start these attacks and nothing seems to fit, no two situation have been identical or even similar other than she being close enough to leap). My SO has also noted she's been a lot more restless with him.

Hopefully this is a bad week or two. She is still beating up toys and I doubt that she'll come back out anytime tonight (definitively not before she calms down and they are all going to bed soon).



Dawn said...

I wanted to ask if you got Petey and Zuri, the meyers parrots as babies. I am considering getting a female but reading about Petey scares the bejeebers out of me. She sounds almost vicious at times. Should I get a male instead ??? Thanks so much for a reply

Natacha said...

I am so so so sorry it took me forever to answer. Geez I should put up notification when I get comments cause otherwise I miss them.

I don't think male or female makes a difference. You shouldn't base your decision about what I write on Petey. She has probably been abused in her past. I know she was moved around quite a bit. She's 14 now and knowledge back then about parrot was not what it is nowadays and the way they were raised/educated probably wasn't the same as well.
Zuri is much more manageable than Petey; she is younger and getting her to behave like I want is much easier to do with her; don't have to change years of behavior issues to do so.

Anyways, best of luck in your choice!