Sunday, August 15, 2010

A case of the hormonal Meyer's

Petey is on a continuous search for the perfect nest. For this reason, I don't provide anything to him in his cage that could be misunderstood for such a thing. Given the DNA result proving he his indeed a male, I don't need to worry about him wanting to lay eggs (and possibly being afflicted with egg-binding), but he becomes particularly mean/snappy around anything he could consider a nest.

One of the problematic areas is the couch. The presence of blankets and pillows on the couch which can provide many different dark places to hide is an absolute favorite of his. We try to limit the amount of time he spends there, but if he happens to be on Bram and Bram decides to sit on the couch..Petey will be down and in the blankets in the blink of an eye.

He managed to spend some time on the couch today and I decided to take a few pictures.

Now, would any of you decide to mess with this bird?

Peeking out from behind a pillow (which was against the arm rest therefore creating a cave for Petey)

Protecting his "nest" from me. While he tolerates Bram around (he is after all "his person", I can't get too close without Petey potentially wanting to get in attack mode) (oh and yes, I did grab him mid-scratch)

We took away the pillows and given the blankets were laid flat against the back of the couch, he couldn't do much with it and I took the opportunity to take a nice portrait of him.

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