Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recent Grey Feather Toys Order

Recently I was made aware that Grey Feather Toys had a temporary deal on one of the parrot forums I participate on that any order made within certain dates would have free shipping within the States. Now being in Canada, I figured I would ask the store's owner if a similar deal (I was not expecting free shipping) could be in place for Canadian members of the forum.

The owner, Rebecca, was very nice to talk to and in the end, the "deal" for Canadians was a flat shipping rate of $9.95, which is pretty awesome.

I went a bit crazy and ordered a few toys to be hung in cages but I mostly purchased foot toys as they were the true success item from my first order with Grey Feather Toys.

Here are all the toys, please note that the package on the bottom right corner, the "chewing sticks", was a freebie. Thanks Rebecca!

And here are a few pictures of the birds enjoying some of the toys.
Joey did most of the "modeling".

Not sure what he's doing here

A close-up of this one can be seen here

Shade had started playing with one of the toys...

..but when she noticed I was taking pictures, she just starting posing..without the toy


Caitlin said...

Those toys look like fun :) I love the picture of Shade just standing there.

Laura's Bird World said...

Joey sure loves his toys doesn't he! Great pictures!

Laura's Bird World said...

Joey sure loves his toys doesn't he! Great pictures of all the birds!

Best in Flock parrot blog said...

Beautiful. You capture so much personality in your photos!