Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I found some pellets Zuri will eat!

Zuri is my pickiest eater. He will play with anything, but when it comes to eating, what he'll choose to eat..your guess is as good as mine.

My guys get some Hagen Tropican in their seed mix but Zuri won't touch those (actually, none of my birds seem to enjoy those much).

I also offer Roudybush and some Zupreem Avian Entrées (either the Garden Goodness or Wild and Spicy) and those two go down relatively well with every bird but for Zuri.

I had offered Harrisson's in the past but only Shade really took to them and given how much I had to throw out and how much they were being sold for...well I stopped purchasing it (I wouldn't have a problem doing so if more birds ate it, but it's not the case).

And although I have the impression the fruity Zupreem might go down well, I don't like what it does to their poo (Pixel was fed the fruity kind where she used to live and I can't tell you how happy I was when her poo changed from that red-orange colour back to a normal green..).

So what is left?

Although I am not a fan of Pretty Bird products, for a few years now I've been hearing good things about the Natural Gold pellets, since they have added palm oil. I figured trying them wouldn't be the end of the world so I bought a small bag...and Zuri eats them!!! He ate quite a few last night and ate some more this morning so I'll be mixing it with the other pellets in hopes that he'll eat the other kind as well.

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lzver said...

Glad to hear it was a worth while purchase Natacha! Lucy and Jessie enjoy their Pretty Bird Gold pellets and I'm glad that Zuri seems to like them as well.