Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We went outside again!

Today was another gorgeous day, warm enough to bring the birds out (although it feels like we will once again do the jump from cold winter to hot summer without much of a Spring with in-between weather..).

Everyone but Zuri, who refused to go in a carrier/cage on two different attempts (with multiple tries each), got to enjoy a little over an hour of sunshine. They all seemed quite at ease this time around, except maybe for Petey who was trying out a Kings travel cage for the first time.

We started in a nice an sunny location, although after 20 minutes or so, we moved them to an area that had more shade (which they seem to appreciate).

This time around, I had my camera outside and took a few pictures!

In the sunny spot -

In the shaded area -

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Tamara said...

My birds LOVE going outside in their carriers. They feel free...but also safe. I'm so glad your flock had a good time!