Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Because two weren't enough...

Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys recently had a sale on their atoms/swings/boings and perches. I couldn't resist the temptation to finally purchase a third atom, which arrived today.

It is truly one of the favourite items for all the birds in the house. My first two are hung in the birdroom and in the computer room, this new one will be placed in the basement.

I've been considering a third atom for a while now, and initially was thinking of actually going a size up and getting a large. However, considering that the mediums I have now have always been enjoyed by all birds, even larger Léa, the difference in cost between the two sizes (and subsequent difference in shipping charge) and, most significantly, the fact that the space where I'm thinking of hanging the atom is much more suited for a medium size one (I will be using a ceiling protector and beneath the spot where I want to hang it is located a table with a table stand, which limits available hanging space), the choice became clear, although this time I opted for the PVC connectors as they don't have any colour which will fade with time and washing.

Given that it was being shipped in a fairly large box, I thought I might as well get a wood refill kit to maximize the shipping.

These Waffle Wafers are a favourite of Léa's (although some of the smaller guys are finally starting to chew on pine that thick).

Can't wait to hang this atom up!

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Anonymous said...

Love that wood! You can never have too much!

And Happy Hatchday Lea! <3