Monday, May 13, 2013

Silly Pois!

While things are taking a turn for the better with Léa, I'm still dealing with some jealousy when it comes to Shade and Pixel.

Generally, Pixel is the problematic one and will chase Shade. Lately, however, Shade has instigated her share of "issues". While she is smart enough to generally avoid entering into direct contact with Pixel, she's not a fan of Pixel getting much one-on-one, even though she isn't, at the time, requesting some herself.

I generally give Shade the opportunity to spend time with me first (as the "first" bird out of the two) and she'll either want to stick to my shoulder and/or get her head scratched or chose to not be around me and go play on her own. If she choses the latter option, Pixel generally takes the opportunity to request some one-on-one time, which is only fair. She generally will chose to sit on my shoulder and cuddle. This is what Shade doesn't like - and will generally chose this opportunity to fly close enough to Pixel that I need to intervene.

At this point, I put Shade on the computer desk and, in the past, she'll play with whatever random piece of wood is there until Pixel walks down my arm to get to the table (probably in an effort to get to Shade). If Pixel gets off on her own accord, I will generally pick up Shade and put her back on the shoulder (where she will stay all of 5 minutes to prove she got the spot).

However, Pixel has lately decided that she'll stay on my shoulder if Shade comes around. Since Shade doesn't get what she wants after a few minutes, she'll take off in a huff, flying close to Pixel, yet not close enough to get "caught" by Pixel, but close enough to freak me out a little.

It would be nice if both could behave and share in a nicer way.

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