Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SWS 2013, Delivery #1 - Crystal's Bird Toys

Because I was gone for quite some time, I had indicated to the three vendors with whom I made purchases during the Sidewalk Sale on Avian Avenue earlier this month that my orders could be shipped later, as I wasn't interested in boxes arriving during my absence.

But since Crystal from Crystal's Bird Toys is local, I had three bags waiting for me upon my arrival.

Let's say I took advantage of the sale and took the opportunity to re-stock my dwindling collection of CBT toys. And because I really love the look of "natural" toys, most of them are not dyed.

The hanging toys

4 "Mario Blocks" - for some of the Littles.

5 "Snappy Stars" - again, for the Littles.

5 "Make it snappy" - mostly for the Littles, although given Piper and Petey don't chew much, one might end up in Léa's cage.

2 "Pine's up" - I bought these for Shade and Joey, the biggest wood chewers amongst the Littles.

1 "Fiji" - for Léa.

1 "Hidden Gems" - for Léa.

Everything above was what went in my first order. Yes, you read right, first order. On the last day of the Sidewalk Sale, Crystal added to her sale - buy two skewer toys, get one free AND the existing discount from the previous (if complete) or existing order would apply as well. There was no way to resist getting a few of them to try out!

Skewer refill toys

"Just a Nibble"

"Just Balsa"

"Pressed Palm"

"Cork Popper"

"Star Struck"

I also got some balsa spacers (simply some balsa blocks) as well as one called "Slatipede". I didn't take a picture of the former because they are just balsa blocks and it seems that I totally overlooked taking pictures of the latter and was too lazy to do so once I noticed (which is as I'm writing the blog entry). If anyone is curious about what they look like, here is a link to the Skewer refill toys page on the CBT website:

CBT - Skewer refill Toys

Finally, it seems that Crystal added a freebie to my order!

Thank you Crystal!

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